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Never downplay the importance of seeking the help of an experienced and professional Baytown Car Accident lawyer when you or a loved one are injured in a car accident.  The skillful and aggressive team of attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T has decades of highly specialized knowledge and experience to pursue justice and obtain the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve. After the accident, your mind will be flooded with many questions, such as how will I pay the medical expenses? What will I do to recover damages like lost wages and the capacity to earn a living? How will I cover the repairs to my vehicle?  Will I be compensated for the pain that I feel and what is the proper amount of such compensation?

If you or a family member are a victim of a car crash caused by a reckless driver, call us immediately and learn how we can help. We offer free consultation and case review with our experienced accident attorneys, who will guide you on everything that you need to do and answer the questions you might have regarding your case.

In our many years of providing high quality legal services to different people seeking justice after being involved in a car crash, we have seen how stressful these situations can be for our clients. That is why we are fully committed to offering the best legal services that will help lessen the stress for you. By hiring our Baytown personal injury attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T, you will allow us to handle the heavy demands of the legal process of getting you the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve, while you focus on your physical and mental recovery.

We will always be only a call away, 24/7.  Moreover, we provide our services on a contingency fee basis, which means that you will never have to pay us anything at all, until we have won your case and obtained compensation for you.

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Why Hire A Reputable Baytown Car Accident Attorney?

Many people think that they will save money, if they decide to handle their car accident claim on their own instead of hiring a lawyer. What they fail to understand is that these kinds of cases vary and often get very complicated. And even if the crash victims are compensated, the amount they receive will usually be a lot less than what they would have been awarded, had they been working with an experienced, reputable and aggressive accident claims attorney from the office of (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T.  This is even more so in cases that involve severe, long-term injuries or liability (fault) issues.

While the law does allow you to pursue a claim on your own, you will have to deal with the challenges presented by adhering to legal deadlines and dealing with unscrupulous and deceitful insurance adjusters, as you try to also focus on recovering from your injuries and dealing with medical and other expenses caused by the accident. If you, as most people, lack the specific knowledge and experience needed to handle this type of legal matter, you will most likely be oblivious of the different tricks the insurance companies and their lawyers and adjusters will employ to discredit your case and either minimize payment or avoid paying altogether.  Most likely, you will never know if their settlement offer was fair!  Remember that all insurance companies are in the business of making profits, and they train their adjusters to pay out as little as possible or deny claims completely, if at all possible.

If you want to ensure that you receive enough money to cover the pain and suffering you experienced due to the injuries sustained in the car accident, as well as to cover your medical bills, lost wages and any future medical expenses, you must call our legal experts. Our Baytown Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T will work hard on your case to make sure that you receive the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.  Your consultation is free and you will never have to pay us anything unless and until we get money for you.

We will help you with all aspects of your case, including:

  • Determining which party is at fault for the accident that resulted in your injuries;
  • Conducting a thorough and complete investigation to collect all supporting evidence of your damages;
  • Proving your damages and determining the true value of your claim;
  • Negotiating with the insurance company to get you the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve;
  • Preparing and filing a lawsuit, when necessary, to obtain fair compensation for you.

Our team of legal experts assigned to your case will be fully committed to representing your interests. Once you come to us and give us the responsibility of getting you the maximum compensation that your rightfully deserve, we will take the matter from there, allowing you to focus on healing and regaining your health. Do not be fooled by insurance companies into accepting their meager settlement offers. The skillful and aggressive Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T will use our decades of experience in representing car crash victims to pursue the maximum compensation for your accident.

We guarantee to leave no stone unturned in handling your case, as we represent your interests and ensure justice is done. We offer free no-obligation consultations and a case review.  Call the Baytown injury lawyers at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T free of charge today to find out all your options and learn what we can do for you.

A woman with a neck injury from a car accident meeting with a Lawyer.

What Does It Cost To Hire An Experienced Car Accident Attorney In Baytown?

We are aware that many people feel hesitant about hiring a lawyer to help them pursue a claim for compensation. They do so, because they think that enlisting the services of an attorney will be costly, and this will eat into their awarded compensation.  This, however, is not the case.

What these people fail to understand is that an experienced car accident lawyer has the legal expertise needed to get them a much larger compensation than they can get on their own.  In addition, the Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T provide their services on a contingency fee basis. That means that the client will only after we have won the case and obtained compensation for them.  Only after we have won their case, the client will pay our attorney’s fees based on pre-agreed terms – usually around 30% to 35% of the money that we have successfully obtained for the client.

The rate will usually depend on whether we had filed a lawsuit in the case, or were able to obtain fair compensation without filing one.  Our law firm’s interest is aligned with our clients, because the more money we receive for our client, the more money our firm receives.  This arrangement gives our attorneys great incentive to work as hard as possible to obtain the highest possible compensation in every client’s case

Other payment structures, such as hourly rates and flat fees for services rendered regardless of results may work in criminal and family law matters, but the contingency fee arrangement offered by our firm is the best option in injury cases, as the client does not have to pay anything at all unless and until we have obtained money for them.

How Soon Should The Car Accident Claim Be Filed?

Every lawsuit is subject to the Statute of Limitations. For a personal injury claim linked to automobile accidents, the time limit in Texas is set at two years.  However, if a Texas resident gets involved in an accident in a state like Louisiana, the period can be only one year.  For accidents with government-owned vehicle, it can be even less.  Moreover, every lawsuit has unique factors, and some might influence the predetermined deadlines.  Failure to file your claim within the set period for such an action will disqualify you from pursuing your case later, no matter how strong it may be.

In addition, the longer your wait to present your claim, the less value it may eventually have.  Witnesses to the crash move away or forget what they saw.  Evidence gets lost or destroyed.  Injuries not diagnosed immediately after the accident are viewed with skepticism and suspicion by the insurance companies, or discounted altogether.  Because of the foregoing reasons, as well as many others, if you were involved in an accident, call the skillful and aggressive Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T immediately after your accident.  We have decades of experience obtaining the maximum compensation that our clients rightfully deserve and we will do it for you.

What Is The Average Settlement Amount For A Baytown Car Accident?

The process of determining the true value of damages resulting from a car accident is very complex. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, more than 250,000 automobile accidents take place in the state annually.  Although some of these accidents are relatively minor, statistics show that nearly seven percent of the crashes result in severe, life-changing injuries or death.  Consequently, settlements can range from a few thousand to more than a million dollars.

To avoid being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous or outright dishonest insurance adjuster, whose job it is to save money for the insurance company, it is extremely important that you call the Baytown car accident lawyers at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T right after your accident. Our highly experienced team will determine the true value of your case, beyond simply reimbursing you for medical expenses, and work hard to make sure that we obtain the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve for all of your damages.

What Damages Can Be Recovered In A Car Accident Lawsuit?

Even the slightest of vehicle collisions can result in significant injuries and property damage.  In some cases, you may be lucky enough to walk away from the accident with relatively minor injuries, but your car will have sustained damage.  In others, the incident may have a traumatic impact that affects your health. In most situations, people that are unfortunate enough to be involved in road crashes sustain injuries, and some can have life-changing effects.

The primary reason for considering the services of an experienced Baytown automobile collision lawyer at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T is to help you recover the maximum amount of damages that you rightfully deserve from the parties responsible for the crash.

When you contact the Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T, we will assign skillful and aggressive lawyers with decades of experience to handle your case. They will handle all aspects of your case, including dealing with insurance companies, conducting investigations, collecting evidence, filing your claim and proving all of the damages for which you deserve monetary compensation. Our team will stay in complete contact with the legal and insurance team representing the other parties involved in the case. All of this will allow you to focus on recovering from your injuries, while we work hard to get you the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.

We shall dedicate all of the necessary resources needed to effectively represent your interests and see that you are awarded the maximum amount to compensate all of your losses. Some of the damages that your Baytown car accident attorney will pursue in your lawsuit include:

Medical Treatment Expenses

You should always ensure that the emergency medical personnel assess your health status when on the scene of the accident or in the hospital. If your injuries are not that severe, you still need to get checked and make sure that something serious is not overlooked. The doctors will run all necessary tests and note their findings.

The costs of your treatment can quickly become a heavy financial burden for you to bear, more so if the treatment is an ongoing process. However, you should not have to be strained financially by these bills. The party responsible for the accident that caused your injuries should be the one to pay for these expenses.

In addition, if you require long-term medical attention and care, your doctors and physical therapists will testify to the type of care you will need in the future and the costs involved. The party at fault for the accident along with his or her insurance company should also have to pay for these future treatment expenses.

Lost Earnings

The injuries you sustain in the car accident may force you to miss time from work to allow you to fully recuperate. The time need for your recovery can range from a few days to several weeks or months. It might also be an indefinite period. Your employer will not be paying you during the time you are forced to be away from work. Moreover, you probably will be unable to collect unemployment benefits.

You could be eligible for disability benefits, but these often take time before they can become available to you.  Moreover, the amounts, if any, you may receive through the disability benefits could be considerably lower than what you would be earning if you were working.

injury attorney pointing at a important document for a client to sign

When you come to the Baytown Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T for assistance and guidance regarding obtaining the maximum compensation for your damages, our lawyers will obtain and properly prepare all necessary information that will serve as evidence to demonstrate the amount of time that you were forced to spend away from work. Some of the details we will include in your claim for this purpose include:

  • A signed letter from your employer stating the amount of time you missed from work;
  • Timesheets showing the exact number of hours and days you were away from your job;
  • Copies of your checks or paystubs before and after the accident;
  • Your tax returns that demonstrate your earnings before the accident happened;
  • Validated affidavits from the payroll company;
  • Documentation from your treating doctors, requiring you to stay off work.

The party liable for the accident should shoulder the burden of compensating you for your lost earnings. They will often argue that there was another reason or cause for your injuries and loss of income. Your car crash lawyers at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T will ensure that there is enough supporting evidence to prove the validity of your claim.

Pain and Suffering

If you sustained serious injuries in a collision, you may be eligible to receive damages for the physical, mental, and emotional pain and suffering that you have gone through because of the accident. These damages are cannot be proven using receipts.  The specific evidence that we shall gather may include, but not be limited to:

  • Sworn testimony from your doctors regarding your injuries and treatment;
  • Sworn testimony from a therapist or a mental health professional that demonstrates how depressed you may have been since the accident;
  • Statements from your family, friends, colleagues, teachers and coaches that demonstrate how your life has been dramatically changed since the crash;
  • Your testimony of how the injuries have caused a loss in your enjoyment of life or problems in your activities of daily living since the accident.

It is very possible for the pain and suffering you experience to make up a significant portion of your claim. The more severe the injuries, the more pain and anguish most people feel.  The Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T are very aware of this and will work hard to make sure you get the maximum compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering

How Does The Insurance Process Work When Filing For A Claim?

Insurance companies rely on their lawyers and adjusters, in order to avoid making fair payments to injured accident victims. The adjusters will not shy away from using unfair and illegal tactics when they represent the interests of their employer – the insurance company. They are highly trained to look for loopholes they can use to justify their improper reasons for limiting the settlement amount or denying a valid claim altogether. For instance, they will approach you and pretend to be concerned about your welfare after the crash, but, in reality, they are not.

Adjusters do this because they know that many people have little to no knowledge about the insurance process; thus, they exploit this by presenting dubious, unproven facts or unsupported reasons for reducing the settlement amount or blaming you (in whole or in part) for the accident and denying your claim.  Unfortunately, people fall for insurance adjusters’ tricks all the time.  Some are quick to accept the low offers because they believe the amount will suffice, and its better than walking away with nothing. What people do not realize is that in almost all cases they can get a lot more money (often many times more) than what the adjuster is offering, if they have experienced car crash lawyers, like the skillful and aggressive Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T, representing their interests when dealing with the insurance company.

How Do I File My Claim Case?

Before filing your claim, you should understand the full extent of your losses and damages, taking into consideration your past, current and future pain, suffering and mental distress, as well as all of your current and future medical and other expenses and any lost income or earning ability. Never try to downplay the extent of your damages because it can lead to you receiving a low settlement that would not come close to covering all your losses.

Our highly experienced Baytown Accident Attorneys at (713)  L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T are skilled at dealing with insurance companies to make sure that we get you the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve for your pain, anguish and all other losses you sustained.

Should I Converse With The Insurance Adjuster?

We highly advise AGAINST doing this.  You can NEVER trust what the insurance adjuster tells you. Remember, the job of the insurance adjuster is to find ways to discredit your claim or blame you for the accident and pay you as little as possible or nothing at all.  The adjuster will try to reach you while masquerading as a concerned professional that has your best interests at heart. Do not be fooled by such gestures!

Some insurance adjusters will try to convince you to give them recorded statement, and will tell you that it is required, if you are to receive your compensation.  This is not true. Insurance companies have no right to make you give a statement in a third-party claim.

A lawyer negotiating a settlement for a client with an insurance adjuster.

If you do provide a statement, and it is on record, it will be scrutinized and used against you when you are seeking compensation.  Insurance adjusters are trained to look for certain comments that you make in answers to their questions.  These comments, which you believed were harmless or even in your favor, will be used to cast doubt on the nature and extent of your injuries, downplay or challenge the value of your claim, or put the blame for the collision on you.

If an adjuster reaches you by telephone, or even visits you in person, refuse any attempts the adjusters will make to get a statement out of you. Nothing good can come out of you providing a recorded statement to an adjuster after a car crash.  Direct the insurance adjuster to contact your experienced Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T regarding any questions or concerns they might have regarding your case. Your personal injury attorney will handle all communications with the insurance company.

You Should Review Every Settlement Offer With (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T

The adjuster will, at some point, inform you when the insurance company is ready to offer you a settlement. You might be delighted to hear this and get excited about settling the outstanding medical and hospital bills along with other unpaid debts. However, we advise our clients to be very careful when thinking of accepting the insurance adjuster’s settlement offer, because making the wrong decision can have disastrous consequences.

You must always remember that insurance companies are in business to make a profit.  Therefore, they will do what they can to reduce the amount of money they pay injured accident victims. And once you accept their offer, you will forever waive your right to seek additional compensation in the future. You should always have an experienced car crash attorney by your side during negotiations with an insurance company. Our Baytown automobile accident lawyers at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T are skillful and aggressive when negotiating with insurance lawyers and adjusters and have decades of experience getting car accident victims the maximum compensation that they rightfully deserve.  We will make sure that the insurance company considers and compensates you for all of the losses and damages you suffered in the crash.

The car accident attorneys assigned to your case will review all settlement offers in great detail. And, if they find that the offer is not sufficient to cover your losses, they will continue negotiating or file suit in court to make sure that you get the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve. The Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T have dealt with hundreds of insurance companies, and they all know we mean business and will not back down until we obtain a fair settlement for each of our clients.  The insurance processes involved in a claim may get complicated, but neither insurance companies, nor their adjusters will be able to take advantage of you, when you have our skillful, aggressive and highly experienced team of legal experts on your side.

Types Of Baytown Auto Accident Cases That (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T Handles

Over the last 30 years, the Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T have handled just about every type of car crash case that there is, from minor fender benders to fiery multi-vehicle crashes with one or more fatalities.  Some of the accident cases that we see and successfully handle on a regular basis include:

Drunk Driving

Baytown has invested heavily in educating the public about the dangers of drunk driving with the full support of the federal government. Part of the efforts in creating awareness includes the enforcement of laws and regulations that will discourage the habit of drunk driving. It is a measure taken because of the disturbing statistic that demonstrates that drunk driving-related accidents are still on the rise.

Subsequently, the amount of property damages and the number of injuries and deaths attributed to drunk driving are high and seem to be increasing. Therefore, driving while intoxicated by alcohol is still a significant threat to many motorists and residents of Baytown. Our drunk driving accident lawyers at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T work hard to help accident victims injured by drunk drivers get the maximum compensation that they rightfully deserve.

Distracted Driving

Official traffic safety reports show that nearly 2,500 accidents occur in Baytown annually. Many of them are linked to distracted driving, where the motorist at fault is either texting or talking on the phone, adjusting the radio or the navigation system, reaching for something in the glove compartment, or is otherwise distracted by something in his vehicle, and is not paying attention to the road.

Today, a cellphone is a must-have and must-use item for practically every adult, and people have them in their hands nearly all the time. But there are times when you must put down your phone.  One of those times is when you are driving a vehicle. Texting while driving is illegal everywhere in Texas, but some people seem to ignore this rule and do as they please while operating a vehicle on the roads and highways.  Although speaking on the phone while driving is not illegal in most areas of Texas, using your cellular phone behind the wheel is always dangerous because it is distracted driving.

The Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T have handled thousands of cases that involve distracted drivers. A few years ago, it was not easy to prove that a driver was texting or talking while driving. Back then, a credible eyewitness was necessary to demonstrate it. The challenge in that situation was finding such a witness.

Thanks to new technology, we can now easily prove that the driver that caused the accident was on the phone when the crash occurred. We can do this by requesting to be granted access to the driver’s phone records. Our distracted driving lawyers at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T will take the necessary steps to prove this and every other aspect of your case.

Today, most judges and juries sympathize with people injured because of such reckless actions. Your personal injury lawyer will collect enough compelling evidence that will support your testimony and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.


A significant percentage of car accidents can be linked to drivers who are high on drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, and marijuana, among other substances.

The team of legal experts from (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T assigned to your case will investigate the liable driver to determine if there was any use of drugs at the time of the crash. These findings will be used during the negotiations trial to get you the maximum compensation for your damages that you rightfully deserve.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on car crashes are among the most common fatal accidents that occur in Baytown, Texas. They can happen due to different reasons. For instance, the driver might lose control of the vehicle and cross the center line.  He or she might be impaired by alcohol or drugs at the time, or there could be a mechanical issue with the car. Many of the fatalities associated with automobile accidents are linked to head-on collisions.

Unlike rear-end accidents, the driver at fault in a head-on collision will usually say that he was not responsible. That is why you should immediately seek the services of an experienced car accident attorney from (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T, that has the knowledge, skills and decades of experience to prove that the other driver was indeed at fault, and get you the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Many of the head-on accidents are caused by drivers who are:

  • Speeding;
  • Under the influence of legal or illegal drugs or alcohol;
  • Asleep;
  • Distracted, often because they are using their cellphone.

Your head-on collision attorney at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T will collect enough evidence that will be vital in demonstrating that the other driver was responsible for the accident. The evidence will include police reports, photographs and footage of the incident from witnesses and nearby cameras and eyewitness statements, among other necessary and important items.

Two cars heavily damaged from a head-on collision.

Proving which party was at fault in a head-on collision case can be a challenge. Witnesses are often even harder to find when it comes to these types of accidents, because they occur within a split second. The damage caused can be devastating, making things difficult for accident reconstruction specialists.

Some of the injuries commonly sustained in a head-on collision include the neck, face, and head injuries as well as spinal injuries and broken limbs.  For this reason, the damages claimed in these cases can be very significant.  If you or a loved one are involved in a head-on collision, call an experienced Baytown car accident attorney at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T immediately.  We will investigate all of the fact of the accident, in order to prove all of the damages and losses you sustained and get you the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Hit-And-Run Accidents

Hit-and-run accidents are often difficult, given the fact that the party at fault fled the scene before the arrival of the police.  Things can be very complicated for victims of these types of cases when seeking compensation.  Make sure that you contact the Baytown Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T immediately after your accident, in order to increase your chances of recovering the maximum amount that you rightfully deserve for your losses.  Our aggressive and skillful attorneys have decades of experience handling hundreds of hit-and-run accidents, proving that our clients were not to blame and finding the party responsible for the crash.

The Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T will work hard to get you the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.  Some of the things that we may do in a hit-and-run case is obtain and record eyewitness accounts of what lead up to the accident, collect private and commercial video footage, photos and any other evidence of the incident. We will interview witnesses to see if they can describe the car in question and give any other details related to the accident.

Even if the owner of the car is identified, the process will not become straightforward. Our lawyers will also have to determine the person who was actually driving at the time of the crash, as owners of vehicles involved in hit-and-runs often try to say that they were not the ones behind the wheel.

Sometimes, we may use an experienced accident investigator who will talk with you and visit all potential witnesses to take their statements. Credible eyewitnesses are an integral part of having better chances of winning a claim that is linked to a hit-and-run case.

A person photographing their car that was damaged in a hit and run accident.

If you need immediate medical attention, you should get checked and treated right away. Remember to always keep records of the treatment to provide to your attorneys.  Even if the hit-and-run driver and his insurance company had not yet been identified, do not downplay your injuries.  Note that failure to seek immediate medical assistance even if your injuries at first appear to be minor could potentially affect your chances of being able to prove the full value of your claim.

We recommend immediately hiring a highly experienced hit-and-run accident lawyer, at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T, even if the driver at fault is still at large. This way, you are guaranteed to have professionals working on your case from the beginning, and, once the guilty driver and his insurance company are identified, receiving the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are not an uncommon event on the roads and highways in Baytown, Texas. They can happen while you are at a stop sign or a red light, and another vehicle bumps into you from behind.  They can also happen while you are traveling on a freeway.  The injuries sustained in this kind of accident can range from short-term aches and pains to severe life-changing events.

Most of the time, the car that hits another car from behind is deemed to be at fault for the accident. The driver in the back will have a hard time proving that he is not responsible after not paying attention and crashing into the car in front of him. Although there are some exceptions to this rule, the experienced rear-end attorney at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T assigned to your case will investigate the matter to determine what transpired, and which party is to blame. The evidence gathered will also be used to help determine the value of your claim and the eventual amount to be paid for damages.

For example, if you were stopping at a stop sign or a red light, and another car hit yours from behind, the driver that hit you is fully liable for the accident.  However, if, in the same situation, your brake lights were not working as you were stopping, you may hold some blame for the crash, especially if it occurred at night.  As a result, the amount of your compensation may be reduced.

Rollover Accidents

In these types of accidents, life flashes before the very eyes of the people that are unfortunate enough to be inside the cars, as they roll over several times. They are considered among the most terrifying experiences anyone can go through in life.

According to statistics, most of the rollover accidents involve large tall vehicles, such as jeeps and SUV’s, because they have a high center of gravity that makes them susceptible to rolling over under certain situations. Some of the instances that can cause these vehicles to rollover include:

  • Negotiating turns or curves at high speed;
  • Hitting a pothole, curb, or something that lifts the tires from the ground;
  • Being t-boned (hit on the side) by another vehicle;
  • Getting run off the road by another driver.

These are only some of the circumstances that could lead to a rollover. Keep in mind that such accidents can, at times, involve several cars.  Never rush to accept liability for an accident in a muti-vehicle collision as one of the other drivers may very well be responsible.

A pickup truck upside down on the side of a road after an accident.

While manufacturers have made certain improvements to prevent rollovers, these accidents still happen fairly frequently. Installing features such as roll bars may keep the car’s roof from collapsing when it is rolling, but serious injuries will still occur.  The (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T rollover attorneys in Baytown will help make sure that you obtain the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve in such accidents.

Speeding Accidents

Some motorists love to go fast.  Certain ones are adrenaline junkies that enjoy the thrill.  Others do not follow the speed limit, because they are in a hurry or running late.

Statistics show that speeding is linked to more than 50,000 accidents in Texas every year. Those are staggering numbers and should make anyone on the roads or highways of Baytown think twice before speeding.

Drivers that have experienced the devastating outcomes of speeding know too well why they should abide by set speed limits. They appreciate the need to be cautious when driving.

Distracted Driving

The number of road accidents that are linked to distracted driving that occur every year is more than 1,000. At Gomel & Associates, we have handled numerous cases that involve distracted drivers. The reason for them not concentrating when on the road range from texting or talking on the phone, trying to adjust the Sat-Nav, fiddling with the radio, reaching for something in the glove box, or at the back seat.

A few years back, it was hard to prove a driver was texting while driving. Things have improved significantly over the last years. Back then, a credible eyewitness was necessary if such a case was to be successful. The challenge in such a situation was finding such a witness.

Thanks to technology, we can prove that the driver that caused the accident was on the phone when the accident happened. We can do this by requesting to be granted access to the driver’s phone records. Our distracted driving lawyers also can prove that the incident might have occurred because of any other reason for the driver being distracted.

And with most judges and jury sympathizing with people injured because of such actions of a reckless driver, proving liability will not be a hassle. Your personal injury lawyer will collect enough compelling evidence that will support your testimony and ensure you are fully compensated for your injuries and losses.

Call (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T Today And Speak To A Baytown Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one were injured in a car accident in Baytown, Texas, get in touch with the best personal injury lawyers immediately.  The skillful, aggressive and highly experienced Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T have successfully obtained millions and millions of dollars in compensation for tens of thousands of car crash victims and their families in the last thirty years.  We will work hard on your case and ensure that you get the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Contact our Baytown car accident firm today at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T. We will review your case and answer all of your questions and concerns for free. Furthermore, if we determine you have a valid case, you will not have to pay us anything unless we obtain compensation for you! Call us right now.

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