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Dog attacks and dog bites are very common in the Houston area. Every year, dog attacks lead to a number of disfiguring injuries and deaths in and around Houston. Children are especially at risk when it comes to dog attacks. If you or your child have been attacked by a dog and suffered injuries, contact an experienced dog bite attorney at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T right away. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and learn how we can help you receive compensation that you rightfully deserve.

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Who is at Fault for a Dog Bite Claim?

The owner of the dog can be held liable when a person is bitten or attacked by his or her dog.

In order to establish liability of the dog owner, several negligence factors are closely analyzed. It is possible to hold the owner liable for injuries caused by a dog attack or a dog bite, if the owner either knew or should have known that his or her dog may bite or attack a person.
Not all dog breeds are the same. Some breeds are more likely to attack. In addition, if the dog owner is violating any regulations, such as containment ordinances or leash laws, their liability could be implied.

Get in touch with experienced Houston dog bite attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T to learn about your rights after a dog bite. We will answer all of your questions and help you get the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Does Texas Have Laws Regarding Dog Bites?

You might be wondering who is held responsible for a dog bite and who is going to pay for the injuries caused by it. In Texas, there is no specific law dealing with dog bites, and this is why Texas is called a one-bite-state. This means that, in some cases, a dog owner could not be held liable for a dog bite, if there is no earlier instance, in which a person was bitten by their dog and there is no evidence to suggest that their dog could have attacked a person.

However, it may still be possible for people who have been attacked or bitten by a dog to sue its owner for negligence.

Texas law states that:

It is possible to sue a dog owner, if he or she was negligent in ensuring that no one gets injured by their dog.

A dog owner can also be sued if their dog initiates an attack on another person, and the owner lets it happen without doing anything to stop it. In addition to the dog owner, the owner or a landlord of a property can be sued for a dog attack or a dog bite, if a dog belonging to someone else attacks a person on his property.

Texas law also allows claims for Bystander Trauma. Under this law, any individual who witnesses a dog bite or a dog attack, and who is close in relation to the victim (parent, child, sibling), is also allowed to sue the dog owner. It is recognized that witnessing a dog attack can lead to emotional distress, and a dog owner is liable for damages for causing it.

An angry small dog about to bite a man's hand in Hosuton.

Dog bites should not be taken lightly. In severe dog attacks, victims may even lose their life.

If you or your loved one have been injured due to a dog bite or a dog attack, seek immediate and proper medical treatment and then get in touch with a reputable and qualified dog bite attorney at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T. It is important to hold all dog owners legally responsible for these incidents, in order to prevent tragedy in the future. Our team of experienced, skillful and aggressive attorneys will make sure that you get the maximum compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering, medical bills, emotional distress and lost wages.

Dog Bite Injuries – Common Types

Research studies have concluded that children between the ages of 5 and 9 suffer the highest percentage of injuries due to dog bites. What’s even worse is that most of these attacks lead to injuries to the neck, face and head. Some of the most common injuries caused by dog attacks include:

  • Broken bones and blood vessels.
  • Severe muscle and nerve damage.
  • Physical impairment and disfigurement.
  • Lacerations and cuts of the skin leading to bleeding.

Who Pays for Dog Bite Injuries?

In some cases, especially if the dog belongs to a neighbor or a friend, victims of dog attacks are not sure whether they should pursue a claim against the dog owner for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, emotional distress and other damages caused by the attack. It is important to remember, however, that many people have insurance coverage to provide the necessary compensation deserved by you or your child after a dog attack. The dog owner’s homeowner insurance policy would typically cover damages in a dog bite case. Our team of skillful and aggressive attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T has achieved great success in getting our clients the maximum compensation that they rightfully deserve from homeowner’s insurance companies in dog bite cases

If a dog attack takes place on a property owned by a business, coverage would normally be provided by the commercial liability insurance policy of the business.

How Do Lawyers Prove Dog Bite Cases?

A dog owner may not always be liable for damages in a dog attack or a dog bite. In some cases, valid common-sense defenses are put forth by dog owners, which include:


If the dog was provoked on purpose by someone with the intent to hurt the dog, such provocation would be a valid defense to an attack. However, this defense does not protect the dog owner from liability, if the dog attacked a child, as the owner should not have been negligent by letting their dog get near the child.


People often keep guard dogs to keep trespassers and criminals away from their home or property. In case a dog attacks a trespasser in an enclosed property, a defense could be claimed by the owner that they did not have any duty to protect the trespassers from the dog. However, this defense does not apply in cases where people have implied or express permission to enter the property. Some examples of this would be guests in a home or customers in a business.

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