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If you or your loved one gets involved in a car accident that results in injury, you will need the assistance of a professional Pasadena Car Accident Lawyer at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T to seek the maximum compensation you deserve. You may be wondering how you will pay for the car repairs. What do you do to get paid for your lost wages. How will you pay for your medical expenses, as well as your physical pain. If you are a victim of an auto accident, we will offer you a free consultation about your case. Our experienced accident attorneys will provide expert guidance and answer all questions and concerns that you may have.

After the accident has occurred, the Pasadena Car Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T will take the load off your shoulders, allowing you to concentrate on recovering from your injuries, while we seek justice on your behalf. Our reputable Pasadena injury law firm is always on call 24/7 to answer your questions, plus our services are offered on a contingent fee basis, meaning you pay us absolutely nothing unless the case is successfully won and compensation for you is obtained. If you are involved in a Pasadena car wreck, make sure to contact us, so that our team of aggressive and skillful experts can quickly begin to work to get compensation for damages suffered

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Why Should I Hire a Pasadena Car Accident Lawyer?

Some people seem to be under the misguided notion that hiring an attorney is very expensive, and make the mistake of dealing with the claim by themselves. But what they fail to grasp is that obtaining the maximum compensation after a car wreck is quite intricate, and most of the injured victims who follow this path end up with a significantly lower settlement as a result of handling their claims improperly. This is especially the case when dealing with claims involving severe, long-term injuries or liability issues.

And although you are fully entitled to deal with the claim by yourself, you definitely don’t want the burden of chasing down dodgy insurance adjusters, whose job it is to underpay your claim, while you should be recovering from your injuries. What’s more, when you are not very experienced in these sorts of cases, chances are you will miss the tricks the insurance company and its lawyers and adjusters use to either underpay your claim, or deny it altogether by blaming you for the accident. You will also never know if they are being fair with the settlement deal, or if they are offering you a fraction of what you deserve. More often than not, insurance company offers are significantly less than what you actually require to cover the losses you incurred.  Do not be a victim of an unscrupulous insurance company. Call the skillful and aggressive Pasadena Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T. We do not charge our clients anything at all unless we win their case and have decades of experience getting car accident victims the maximum compensation that they rightfully deserve.

Our car accident lawyers will assist you with all the aspects involved in your claim, including but not limited to:

  • Establish which party is liable for your injuries;
  • Determining the actual value of your claim;
  • File and prepare your claim;
  • Proving your damages;
  • Locate and Present supporting evidence;
  • Negotiate aggressively with the insurance adjusters;
  • Pursue the settlement offer you rightfully deserve;
  • File a lawsuit against an unreasonable insurance company

When you get in touch with the Pasadena Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T, your assigned attorney will take up the case from there, leaving you to concentrate on your physical recovery and medical treatments. Unfortunately, we have come across a variety of people who accepted meager settlement deals from the insurance companies, just because they lacked the resources, energy, knowledge, and time to get more. Our law firm has all the skills, energy, time, experience and resources needed to stand up for the rights of accident victims.  Do not wait and damage your case. Immediately after an accident, contact us at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T for additional information about how our lawyers can get you the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Remember, our consultations are always free, which means that you have absolutely nothing to lose, if you discuss your options with one of our expert attorneys today.

A Pasadena car accident on a busy street.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Pasadena?

People who have suffered a personal injury following an accident are sometimes hesitant about a decision to contact a lawyer. This often happens because they are under the impression that hiring an attorney will cost too much.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Pasadena Car Accident Lawyers at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T handle personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis, meaning clients will never pay anything until and unless the attorneys have won their case and obtained the compensation that they deserve. Once compensation for the client’s injury is obtained the attorneys will be paid a pre-agreed percentage of that compensation, usually around 33.3% or 1/3 of the settlement.

The fee is contingent on the level of work the law firm or attorney is going to put in the case and also whether the insurance company settlement offer will be accepted without the case having to go to court. In such instances, you will pay considerably less than if the case were to go to court.  However, in every case, the fee will be pre-agreed with you, so you will always know what percentage the attorney will be paid after he or she obtains compensation for you.

With this payment structure, your lawyer will also have more incentive and commitment to get the maximum compensation amount possible, because the more the lawyer will get for you, the more the lawyer will be paid also. 

Although some attorneys work on other payment structures, such as flat fees or hourly rates, these options are usually preferred in criminal or family law matters, and Pasadena Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T believe that clients in personal injury cases are much better served with contingency fee agreements that don’t require clients to pay anything until their case is won.

How Fast Do I Need to File a Car Accident Claim?

Car accident personal injury lawsuits fall under the Statute of Limitations, which in Texas is 2 years. Certain cases, accidents that took place in Louisiana, for example, have a statute of limitations of only 1 year.  Cases against State or Federal government and its employees driving a government vehicle must be presented within 6 months or less.  As a matter of fact, almost every lawsuit is subject to this particular procedural rule. The statute of limitations is basically a law preventing individuals from filing a lawsuit after a certain duration of time has elapsed. So, if you file your lawsuit or claim after the statute of limitations applicable time has elapsed, you will be barred from having the case heard, regardless of how injured you are or how strong your case is.

This, however, does not mean that you should wait six months or even two years to file your claim.  To improve your chances of getting the maximum compensation you deserve, call the Pasadena Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T immediately after your accident.  We will file your claim the same day and work hard to win your case.

What is the Average Settlement of a Car Accident Case in Pasadena?

Estimating the value of a car accident case is complicated. Bear in mind that in Texas alone, there are more than 250,000 car accidents each year; this is according to data collected by the Texas Department of Transportation. About 7% of these cases are deemed severe accidents, which usually leave victims with life-changing or permanent injuries.

In the event you or your loved one has suffered severe injuries in an accident, it’s easy for the medical bills to skyrocket. If the accident was caused by the other driver’s negligence, in theory, their insurance company should pay for all of your losses or damages.  In practice, however, this almost never happens.  Insurance companies always attempt to underpay claims, often leaving you with unpaid medical costs or car repair bills.  But in addition to the actual medical expenses and vehicle repair estimates, how will you know how much other damages you are entitled to? Our Pasadena car accident lawyers at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T can assist you in calculating all of your potential damages and work to get you the maximum compensation that your rightfully deserve.

What Sort of Damages Can be Recovered in a Pasadena Car Accident Lawsuit?

When you get involved in a car accident, you will suffer various losses.  Some of these will result from the damage caused to your vehicle. Even the slightest collisions will result in some form of property damage. The other types of losses, also called damages, are those caused by physical and mental injury.

The main reason for hiring the skillful and aggressive Pasadena Car Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T is to pursue the maximum compensation for your accident.  We will immediately begin dealing with the insurance company.  We will gather all evidence required to prepare and file the claim, and, in the event the claim is denied or handled unfairly, file suit against all responsible parties to get you the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.  We will also make sure that you receive exceptional medical treatment for your injuries and full assistance with your recovery, while we handle all legal aspects of your case.

Our sole objective is to help you receive the compensation you require and deserve for your injuries. We will work as hard as we can to make sure that you get every dime you are entitled to.  Below are just some types of damages that your auto accident lawyers at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T can demand in your litigation:

Medical Bills

If you are involved in a crash, make sure to have the emergency paramedics look at you, and, based on the severity of your injuries, visit the emergency room. Even if the injuries appear minor at first, go to the hospital to be checked out to make sure you are fine. A hospital will run a variety of tests to diagnose if you have any injuries.

From the moment the paramedics begin attending to you and load you into the ambulance, the medical expenses will begin adding up. However, you should not be the one having to pay them. The negligent driver and his or her insurance company should be responsible for those.

There are instances when you may require future or long-term medical care. Your attending physician will testify about the type of care you will need.  He will also advise your attorney how much future medical care will cost. The driver at fault will also have to pay for the future medical expenses linked to your injuries.

Lost Earnings

If you get injured in a crash, you will most likely miss some time from work, resulting in lost income. The period you are out of work can range from a couple of days or weeks to months and even years.  A severe accident can also cause you to become permanently disabled.  During this challenging time, your employer most likely will not be paying you salary, plus you won’t be able to collect unemployment benefits. And, although you may eventually become eligible for disability benefits, it will take some time to kick in.  In addition, even if you get disability benefits, they will be much lower than what you would have been earning, if you were working on a full-time basis.

Your Pasadena auto Accident Attorney at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T will prepare and file all necessary documentation to prove the amount of time you spent unable to work to make sure that you are reimbursed for your lost wages. To prove lost income, we will often use the following:

  • Timesheets showing the hours and days you missed;
  • Tax returns indicating what you earned prior to the accident;
  • Certified letter from the employer confirming how much time you missed from work;
  • Paystubs from before and after the accident;
  • Affidavits from the payroll company;
  • Work release statements from your doctors, which took you off work as a result of your injuries and treatment.

Even though car insurance companies often try to avoid paying all of the lost wages incurred by the accident victim by arguing that something other than the accident caused your injuries, your Pasadena car Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T will work hard to make sure that your receive the maximum compensation for all of your lost income

A car that has rolled over on busy street in Pasadena, TX.

Pain and Suffering

If you have sustained severe injuries as a result of your accident, you have the right to receive compensation for your pain and suffering in addition to payment of your medical bills. These types of damages are intended to reimburse you for the mental and physical anguish that you suffered as a result of the crash or subsequent treatment. These damages cannot be proven with receipts. To prove pain and suffering, you will have to submit evidence like:

  • Sworn statements from your doctors and other medical professionals concerning your injuries and treatment;
  • Reports from a mental health professional, such as a psychiatrist or psychologist, indicating how depressed you have been since the crash;
  • Letters from your family and friends indicating how your life has changed since the accident happened;
  • Your own written or verbal testimony about the different ways the quality of your life and your enjoyment of it has diminished.

Pain and suffering could encompass a significant part of your damages. The more severe your injuries are, the greater your pain and suffering levels will be. Your Pasadena Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T will make sure that you receive the maximum pain and suffering compensation that you rightfully deserve

How Does the Insurance Process Work?

Insurance adjusters are notoriously known for using questionable tactics to avoid making fair payments to accident victims. The adjuster is well-trained to find ways to limit payments made on a claim and is rewarded for saving the insurance company money.  The adjuster may try to gain your trust by telling you that he or she is looking out for your best interest, but trust us, THEY ARE NOT!

Adjusters are fully aware that most accident victims do not know or understand the complete insurance process and use this fact to exploit them by making them unfairly low offers. The majority of individuals end up agreeing to insultingly low settlement deals and subsequently give up their right to recover more in the future.  Your skillful and aggressive Pasadena Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T have decades of experience dealing with unscrupulous insurance companies and their lawyers and adjusters.  We know all of their tricks and unfair claim practices and make sure that they are never used on our clients.  If you get injured in an accident, call us for your free consultation immediately.  We will file your claim the same day and work hard until we get you the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.  As always, you will not have to pay us anything at all unless and until we win your case.

How is the Claim Filed?

The insurance claim procedure essentially begins as soon as the claim seeking compensation for damages is made. It is essential that you have a full understanding of losses incurred, which include car repair bills, past, present, and future medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering experienced, and so on. People sometimes downplay the extent of damages that they suffered and end up getting a significantly lower settlement amount than what they actually deserve. The Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T ensure that our clients get reimbursed for every dime of damages suffered.  We work tirelessly throughout the claim process to collect and properly present all of the evidence needed to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

Should I Speak to the Insurance Adjuster?

You should NEVER speak to the insurance adjuster after an accident.  Insurance adjusters work for the benefit of the insurance company.  It is their job to pay you as little as possible or deny your claim altogether by making it look like the accident was your fault.  Among the tactics they employ is acting sympathetic and friendly and assuring you that they are there to help you.  You must never forget, however, that the adjuster is not your friend and is at all times working against you.

Insurance adjusters will often try to convince you to give them a statement, which they will record, about the facts of the accident and your injuries.  They will even sometimes tell you that you are required to give a recorded statement, if you want to receive the settlement. This is not true, and you should never give a statement to the insurance company adjuster until your have contacted the Pasadena Car Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T for your free consultation.

Giving the insurance adjuster a statement on the record is a huge mistake. All kinds of comments that you may believe are innocent or actually in your favor will be twisted and used by the insurance company against you in order deny or severely underpay your claim.  Adjusters are trained to question you in a way that would allow them to later use your answers to either minimize the extent and nature of your injuries or make you appear to be at least partially at fault for the accident. Therefore, to greatly improve your chances of getting the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve, let your Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T maintain all necessary communications with the insurance company.

Review Settlement Offers With Your Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T

At some point, the insurance adjuster will begin making settlement offers to your attorneys. And it’s just the sort of news you want to hear. By then, you may be stressing out about your medical bills, as well as other unpaid bills caused by your loss of income. As such, it is only natural to feel anxious to get your settlement check. However, accepting the first offer made by the insurance company for the sake of getting some money is a big mistake.

To protect their bottom line, insurance companies will always want to pay you the least amount they can get away with. Because of this, they will look for certain signs and signals to push you into accepting their low settlement offer right away.  Of course, once you have accepted their offer, you completely and permanently waive your right to seek any additional reimbursement, regardless of how low the offer was.  Therefore, always discuss and get a recommendation from your Pasadena Car Accident Lawyers at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T regarding any offer that an insurance company makes before you decide to accept it.

Our attorneys will evaluate the offer and ascertain whether it is fair or not. In most instances, the first offer won’t be. We will then continue our negotiations with the insurance company and work towards convincing it to increase the offer to an amount that will cover the damages suffered. Insurance companies are fully aware that the Accident Attorneys at  (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T mean business and will not be forced or tricked into accepting unfair offers for our clients. This fact, along with our skill and decades of experience, gives us the edge during negotiations, which allows us to get our clients the maximum compensation that they rightfully deserve.

Some people erroneously assume that the insurance process is straightforward and that they don’t require the services of a lawyer, because the insurance company will take good care of them. Unfortunately, nothing can be further from the truth.  Insurance companies and their adjusters will always try to deny or underpay claims with lowball offers, especially with accident victims who are not represented by skillful, aggressive and highly experienced attorneys.

Types of Pasadena Car Accident Cases We Handle

The Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T handle a wide range of automobile accidents that include the following:

Drunk Driving Accidents

In spite of numerous efforts by Pasadena residents to spread awareness about drunk driving, as well as the laws put in place in an attempt to combat it, drunk driving accidents still take place.  Reports show that drunk driving accidents in Texas reach numbers as high as 3400 collisions per year.

As the crash reports show, many people involved in accidents resulting from drunk driving are careless as a result of their intoxication. The numbers of deaths and injuries resulting from drunk driving are continuously on the increase, which clearly demonstrates that driving while intoxicated is still a serious danger to many Pasadena residents.

Our Pasadena drunk driving accident attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T are experts at getting the victims of drunk drivers the maximum compensation that they rightfully deserve.

Distracted Driving Accidents

In a year, distracted driver accidents reach almost 20,000 in Pasadena. The most significant portion of those distracted drivers are on their phone when driving.  Many accidents in which one of the drivers is either texting or talking on a cell phone result in death or serious injury.

Drug-Related Accidents

A great number of car crashes that leave careful and law-abiding citizens dead or severely injured occur due to a driver being under the influence of drugs, such as methamphetamines, marijuana, or other illegal or prescribed drugs.

When it comes to presenting a claim against a driver who was operating his vehicle under the influence of drugs, our Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T will investigate and present specific evidence regarding drug use and its effect on the other driver, in order to obtain punitive damages over and above your losses, in order to get you the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Head-on Collisions

Accidents that most often result in a fatality are Head-on Collisions. These crashes usually involve a driver who has lost control of his car or either an impaired or sleeping driver behind the wheel.

Head-on collisions can often be very complicated to handle, as both drivers will usually be claiming that they were not responsible for the accident.  Because it can be difficult to determine liability in such cases, and because your injuries will more than likely be rather severe, you will definitely require the services of our skillful and aggressive car accident lawyers at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T.  We are very experienced in handling head-on collision cases and will work with other professionals, such as accident reconstructionists or biomechanical experts to get you the maximum compensation that your rightfully deserve.

Many head-on collisions involve drivers who are:

  • Drunk or high on other drugs;
  • Sleeping;
  • Speeding;
  • Distracted, especially by using their phones;

In a head-on collision, proving who was at fault may be a challenging task. Accidents like these occur in a split second, and chances are there might not be any witnesses to back up any side. The damage to both cars can be severe, which makes it hard to recreate the accident. The police crash reports are also not always accurate, as they are completed by an officer who did not witness the accident.

Your Pasadena Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T will make sure that they have gathered more than enough evidence, including witness statements, photographs, videos, accident reconstruction expert reports and police diagrams, to prove that the other party was at fault.

Some of the injuries that are usually sustained in a head-on collision include spine injuries, head injuries, neck injuries and broken bones. In such cases, it is not surprising to see very high damages as a result of significant medical bills and a great deal of pain and suffering by the victim.  Your head-on accident lawyer in Pasadena will make sure that you receive the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve for all the injuries you suffer.

Hit-and-Run Car Accidents

Hit-and-Run Car Accidents are among the trickiest ones to deal with, given how the defendant in question has already fled the scene of the crash and could be long gone by the time law enforcement officers arrive. But compensation can still be obtained if certain steps are taken at the scene of the crash.  If you were involved in a hit-and-run accident, it is very important to do the following:

  • Get the names, contact information and statements of all witnesses at the crash scene.  If possible, record their statements using your cell phone;
  • Interview potential witnesses who can remember and/or describe the car at fault.  Get their names and phone numbers;
  • Locate any security or surveillance cameras on nearby buildings, residences or businesses that may have recorded how the accident happened;
  • Provide the information above to the Pasadena Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T as soon as possible, so that we can begin investigating your case, in order to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

While the owner of the fleeing car might be successfully identified, it may still be difficult to determine the actual driver at the time of the crash, unless eyewitnesses or footage from surveillance cameras identifies him or her.  Your car accident lawyers may also use the services of a private investigator to locate and identify the other driver. In addition, in hit-and-run cases, eyewitnesses also play an integral role in determining who was at fault.

Hit-and-run victims require medical assistance as soon as possible, even if there is no immediate indication of serious injury. A full spectre of injuries resulting from accidents might not immediately show and, without early documentation of all symptoms, proper medical record maintenance may be negatively affected.

Even in cases where the party responsible for causing the accident has not been identified right away, it is still crucial that you contact a hit-and-run lawyer at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T IMMEDIATELY after the crash.  We will begin to properly investigate and document your entire case, so that when we do locate the driver at fault, we can properly present your complete claim to his insurance company, in order to get you the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Very often, even when the car in question is found, the owner maintains that he or she was not the one driving it at the time of the crash. Your Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T have decades of experience handling these types of issues and making sure that the insurance company of the driver or the owner of the car at fault properly and fairly compensates our clients for all of their damages.

Rear-End Accidents

Rear-End Accidents occur very often.  You may be stopped at a stop sign or a red light and be bumped by a car from behind.  Sometimes, it can be very slight, and cause only minor damage. In other cases, it can be severe, resulting in life-changing injuries and even death.

Typically, the one hitting a car from behind is the one deemed to be liable for the collision.  If you were properly stopped, the car behind will not have any grounds to blame you for the accident.  Exceptions do exist, however.  If you are driving a vehicle with non-working brake lights, especially in the dark, or if you slammed on your breaks for no reason, you may be found partially at fault for a rear-end accident. Our Pasadena rear-end accident lawyers at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T can assist in proving that the party behind you is fully at fault.  We have handled tens of thousands of rear-end accidents and will skillfully and aggressively present your claim to obtain the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Rollover Accidents

In the case of a Rollover Accident, the vehicle rarely does just one cycle. Often, cars will roll over in multiple cycles for a while.  These often feel like the longest moments in a person’s life. The lives of the driver and his passengers flash before their very eyes. Rollover accidents are considered to be among the most terrifying experiences a motorist can have.

While the statistics show that large vehicles like Jeeps and SUVs are more likely to roll over because their center of gravity is high, any car can roll over when subjected to certain circumstances. Here are some of the instances in which a vehicle may rollover and/or lose control:

  • Driving at excessively high speeds on a turn or curve;
  • Hitting a pothole, curb, or any other object that may make the tire lift from the ground;
  • Getting run off the road by another vehicle and roll into the ditch or low shoulder;
  • Getting hit on the side (t-boned) by another car.

Keep in mind that the aforementioned points are just some of the circumstances where a car may rollover.  In addition, the vehicle that rolls over can be the vehicle at fault, so do not necessarily claim liability, if the other vehicle rolls over.

Even with the new technology in car manufacturing, including reinforced roofs, side airbags and others, rollover cases can be very serious and sometimes deadly.  In addition, many rollover cases that result in a fatality are ones where an occupant gets ejected from the car during the roll.

Speeding Accidents

Some drivers like to always go fast. Others speed to reach their destinations quicker. At the time, this may not seem like a bad idea and speed limits may not make sense, especially when trying to meet a deadline.

However, reports show that every year in Pasadena, speeding results in tens of thousands of accidents.  These numbers should make everyone think twice when they consider speeding.

Competent drivers understand that some sections of the road are more dangerous than others, and a lot of caution must be exercised when driving, in order to avoid injuries, or even death. Road signs, including speed limit signs are there to keep your driving safe and should be followed at all times.

Texting and Driving

Distracted drivers account for tens of thousands of crashes every year. The Pasadena Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T handle cases like these all the time. Whether talking on the phone or texting, driving while using a cellphone is a dangerous distraction

When texting, chances are the driver is not paying attention to the road. Their eyes are on the screen of their phone, their hands are operating the buttons on it, instead of holding the steering wheel and their mind is elsewhere.

A few years ago, attorneys found proving texting while driving cases difficult.  Now, however, it is much easier to do.  In the past, you needed an eyewitness to provide testimony against the texting driver, and finding such a witness was pretty rare.  In fact, finding an eyewitness at the right time and place to prove texting is almost impossible.

With today’s technology, our Pasadena Accident Attorneys at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T can prove that the other driver was on the phone at the time of the accident by simply requesting his phone records.

Judges are generally sympathetic to persons injured or hurt by these drivers. Proving liability is made easier, if you have proof that they were on their phone.   Our lawyer will provide evidence supporting this.

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Call us today for your free consultation. You will never pay us anything unless we win your case!

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