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If you ever find yourself being the victim of a car accident caused by a drunk driver and sustain serious injuries, you are sure that the drunk driver’s insurance provider will attempt to settle your case differently considering that the driver was driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Furthermore, you have the right to seek fair compensation for your troubles since the driver was in breach of the law. If the insurance company refuses to settle your case, you should seriously consider reaching out to the car accident lawyers in Baytown at Gomel & Associates. Call today and schedule a free consultation with a drunk driving accident lawyer in Baytown.

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Should You Contact a Baytown Auto Accident Attorney Immediately?

Accidents that result from drunk driving should be reported within the shortest time possible. Legal proceedings should also already be underway before the insurance provider have the opportunity to deny the following factors:

  • The responsibility of the driver for any injuries sustained
  • The driver is responsible for the accident

You can expect insurance providers to deny some of the claims and this can leave you wondering exactly what you should do about it.

Incidences of drunk driving are reported almost every single day in Baytown, Texas. Every night, you can almost always be sure to come across an accident involving a driver driving under the influence and an innocent road user that has sustained injuries because of negligence on the drunk driver’s part.

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What Should You Do If You Are Injured by a Drunk Driver?

If you are injured by a drunk driver, the first step should always be to seek proper medical care, particularly if you have sustained serious injuries, to increase your chances of recovering and getting back to full health.

While a full speedy recovery is something that everyone hopes for, the underlying truth of the matter is that most of the accidents that happen are the result of reckless driving that results in a lot of pain and suffering. It is a fact that’s known by all.

If you are your loved one are ever the victim of a DUI accident or someone you know calls you and informs you that they have been involved in an auto accident, the prudent thing to do in such a situation is to follow the steps below for taking legal action:

Calling the Police

It is important to inform the authorities about the accident. So, contact the Baytown Police Department within the shortest time possible so that they can rush to the accident scene. From there, law enforcement officers will probe the driver to determine whether or not he/she is under the influence of any drugs. If the police determine that the driver is at fault, he/she may be required to pay a considerable fine or even serve jail time.

Calling for an Ambulance

DUI accidents sometimes result in serious injuries as well as numerous damages. So, if you feel that you need medical assistance, be sure to call an ambulance immediately or ask someone else to do it on your behalf.

Recording a Video of the Driver’s Liability

Capturing video is important since you can use the footage as evidence in a court of law. So, always try whenever possible to get a clean shot of the drunk driver. You should also try to capture clear footage of the drunk driver staggering while getting out of the vehicle.

Taking Photos

Try taking as many photos of the accident scene as possible, particularly if you are not in a position to capture video. What’s more, you must make sure that you capture the license plate number of the vehicle, license, and insurance details of the other driver.

Facing the Insurance Company

You may be compelled to face the insurance company alone in some instances, but this is not something you should ever attempt to do. If you plan to talk it out with the insurance provider, ensure that you have an attorney present.

The insurance company knows that you are the victim and have legal grounds to seek reimbursement for injuries suffered along with additional damages. Due to this fact, the insurance company will attempt to speed up the issue and settle the case before you get professional assistance from a DUI lawyer.

It is advisable to seek out medical care, get in touch with local police, and call an experienced DUI attorney at Gomel & Associates. It will take some time before you make a complete recovery, and after you do, chances are you will probably never forget what happened.

You might have never imagined yourself being involved in an accident, which is a sentiment based on the fact that you are always a careful road user. What you need to understand, however, is that accidents may happen due to the recklessness of other road users. So, you simply need to seek reimbursement for damages and medical treatment.

Our team of lawyers at Gomel & Associates has been helping DUI accident victims get justice and have been serving Baytown residents for several years now. If DUI accidents keep happening, we promise to always be available to seek justice for those afflicted.

We are professional legal representatives and fully capable of servicing drunk driving accident victims along with members of their family. We are also experienced, which means that you can rely upon us in such matters.

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How Long Should a Victim Take to File for a DUI Claim?

Texas law stipulates that those involved in DUI accidents have a 2-year window to seek compensation. While dealing with all aspects of the case might be difficult, it is important to note that there’s a set deadline that must be met.

While it might take a while before you fully recover, the drunk driver’s insurance provider will be working on ways to either minimize or discredit most of the claims that you are making, and they are usually assisted by legal representatives.

Drunk Driving Accidents in Baytown Are on the Rise

You can ensure that you receive full reimbursement for all damages suffered by reaching out to one of our lawyers at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T. Our lawyers have served on several drunk driving cases, which makes them highly experienced.

Drunk driving accident victims are typically subjected to massive medical bills, which is why most pursue compensation for lost wages and long-term treatment. The money that’s disbursed to accident victims is used to cover all the medical bills incurred, as well as providing financial support on the road to recovery. If you are compensated, it is possible to significantly enhance your way of life.

If a drunk driver is responsible for the accident in which you’re injured, you have a legal right to fight for justice and make sure that the party responsible actually pay for the damages. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, you should have an experienced lawyer on your side to help you navigate the legal proceedings.

Contact A Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer In Baytown At Gomel & Associates Today!

If you reach out to the respected personal injury firm of Gomel & Associates, we will strive to ensure that you are awarded the minimum for the claim and nothing else since that’s what we will be doing right from the start.

Besides making sure that you are reimbursed for any damages incurred, our lawyers at Gomel & Associates will also undertake the tasks below:

  • Conducting an investigation to determine what most likely happened
  • Conducting a background check of the drunk driver to find out whether he/she has a criminal record and whether it is the first time they are facing a DUI
  • Talking to witnesses and gathering additional information that can be used as evidence in a court of law for your claim

If there’s another entity besides the drunk driver held liable, our lawyers will investigate the issue to determine whether the party in question is the one responsible for giving the driver access to alcohol or allowing the driver to drive while knowing that they are drunk. We will provide as many details as possible about everything surrounding the scene of the accident together with the condition of your health.

You should avoid skipping any detail in case you or a loved one is involved in a DUI accident. Insurance companies are never interested in paying more for settlements, which is why victims of DUI accidents require the assistance of legal representatives. Our lawyers at Gomel & Associates are committed to fighting justice by making sure that you get fair healing. If you have fallen victim to a drunk diver’s recklessness, you need to reach out to a drunk driving lawyer at Gomel & Associates.

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