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The laws of the state of Texas mandate that any involved drivers stay at an accident scene after a vehicular accident. Drivers are not supposed to leave the scene before law enforcement personnel arrive, and if necessary, medical care as well. Keep in mind that not waiting for police and emergency responders to show up is a legal offense that comes with serious repercussions.

In any vehicular accident where another driver or passenger is seriously injured or even killed, you risk facing felony charges should you physically flee the accident scene. It’s regrettable, but in many cases where an at-fault driver decides to get away from an accident, leaving the people who are injured unable to get any justice. The thing you need to take away from all of this is that fleeing an accident scene is a very serious matter and something that you should not do.

Our Baytown hit-and-run accident lawyers are here to ensure victims have all the access they need to legal resources they can use in this difficult time. Our entire focus is hit-and-run accidents. We have a history of handling numerous issues, such as:

  • Paralysis
  • Whiplash
  • TBIs, or traumatic brain injuries
  • Lost limbs
  • Spinal fractures

Our team of seasoned car accident attorneys in Baytown works hard to provide legal assistance to any families or survivors of a loved one lost to a hit-and-run accident. Any surviving family members can never fill the void that their lost loved one left behind, but the right legal remedies, such as a wrongful death lawsuit, might secure damages and compensation that make up for lost income and assets. If you ever discover yourself in circumstances like these, then we strongly suggest you enlist the services and expertise of a highly-qualified lawyer specializing in cases like these.

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What Needs To Happen If I Am In Any Hit-And-Run Car Accident?

You need to gather up all the information you can when you’re involved in any crash, but especially if it’s one where the other driver chose to flee the accident scene. The more information and evidence you can gather for your lawyer, the faster they can move ahead with a possible claim. Having said all that, the following are a handful of specifics you need to do after an accident:

Get Medical Treatment And Have it Documented

Before you do anything else, you have to get any medical attention you need. If anyone involved in the accident is injured, then you need to make sure they get immediate treatment. If it’s necessary, call for EMS or an ambulance. If possible, go to the closest emergency room or hospital.

If you put off getting your medical attention, then the other driver’s insurance company, and possibly even your own, can argue that you weren’t injured or injuries weren’t a result of the accident. This would help them avoid paying out any compensation. However, when you have immediately document injuries, proving your case is much easier to accomplish. In any event, you need to get yourself treated by medical professionals just to make sure that you’re okay anyway.

Get The Names Of All Witnesses At The Accident Scene

One thing that can bolster your claim better than most other things is eyewitness testimony. The right witness might have gotten a glimpse of the fleeing driver’s license plate, and others might be able to provide law enforcement descriptions of the vehicle or the drive. Make sure you get all contact information you can from possible witnesses.

At a minimum, get the names and phone numbers of witnesses, so that the lawyers here at Gomel & Associates can contact them if need be. That helps you and us boost your odds of success with your case.

Snap Photos At The Accident Scene

You probably know the cliche about how a picture is worth a thousand words, but in terms of a hit-and-run Sugarland car accident, it might be worth thousands of dollars. People’s memories aren’t usually as accurate as we’d like to believe, and after just two days, they can start fading. Pictures are different. They never change, and they can’t be disproven. If you’re like most Americans, you have a smartphone in your pocket. Use its camera to get as many accident pictures as you can, if you’re able to do that safely.

Photos and images can be very substantial in demonstrating how serious an accident was, in terms of both property damage and personal injuries. There are times where our team of seasoned lawyers might even be able to use your photos to find a motorist or driver that fled the scene of the accident. For example, photos might be useful in determining particular smudges of paint or imprints on physical property.

After A Hit-And-Run Accident, Can I File A Lawsuit?

Filing a lawsuit can be a bit complicated after a Sugarland hit-and-run car accident. If you’re not already familiar with the legal system in or around Sugarland, then it’s even harder. Many victims face the dual burden of dealing with their physical recovery while still handling their monetary responsibilities. If you add handling your own legal case on top of all that, then you’re going to get overwhelmed pretty quickly. As such, it’s likely far better if you let a Sugarland hit-and-run car accident attorney handle the legal side for you.

Trust the experts of Gomel & Associates to handle many things for you. These include but are not limited to:

  • Making plans for your medical treatment
  • Gathering up evidence for your case
  • Working in conjunction with law enforcement to find out who the at-fault and fleeing driver is
  • Handling any communications, including negotiations, on your behalf with any insurance companies involved

If we can’t figure out who the responsible and fleeing driver was, you might still get compensatory damages. Texas state law mandates that insurance companies provide the option of uninsured motorist coverage, and if you added this to your plan, then you’re going to be due compensation for any damages you incurred.

Still, it’s very hard to deal with most insurance carriers, even if it’s your own. As such, hiring a qualified legal professional is a smart move, as they can fight for your compensation and rights. We can also address insurance company issues so you don’t have to.

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