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Need a Katy Drunk Driving Accident Attorney? If you have fallen victim to a car accident resulting from a drunk driver and you happen to have sustained severe injuries, you can for sure bet that the insurance company of the drunk driver will settle your case differently given that the driver was driving while intoxicated.

Furthermore, it’s your right to receive fair compensation for your troubles because the driver was in breach of the law. In the event the insurance company declines to settle your case, you can reach out to the Katy auto accident attorney at Gomel & Associates.

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Is It Important That You Contact A Katy Attorney Right Away?

Accidents resulting from drunk driving need to be reported as soon as possible. Moreover, legal proceedings should already be underway even before insurance companies have a chance of denying these factors:

  • The driver’s responsibility for injuries suffered.
  • The driver is at fault.

You can expect insurance companies to deny some of these claims, which will leave you wondering what you’re going to do about it!

In Texas, Katy metropolitan region, drunk driving incidences are reported almost on a daily basis. Each night, you can always find a crash involving a DUI driver and an innocent road user who has suffered injuries due to the drunk driver’s negligence.

What Action Should You Take If You Get Injured By A Drunk Driver?

If you were to get injured by a drunk driver, what legal action should you undertake? It’s only natural to seek medical care, especially in the case of severe injury, so that you get the chance of recovering and getting back to a full bill of health.

While everybody hopes for a full speedy recovery, the underlying truth of the issue is that the majority of the crashes that happen are caused by reckless driving, which results in a lot of pain and suffering. Everybody knows this fact.

If you or a close one or loved one falls victim to DUI crash or somebody you know calls you and tells you they have gotten in an accident, the prudent thing to do in that instance is to follow these steps for taking legal action:

A gavel sitting next to a glass of alcohol.

Contact The Police

First, you need to inform the authorities about the accident in question. So call the Katy Police Department as soon as you can so they can rush to the scene of the accident. From there, the police will probe the driver to see whether he/she is under the influence of any drugs. If the verdict of the police is that the driver is at fault, then he/she is looking to serve jail time or may be subjected to a considerable fine.

Call for an Ambulance

There are times when DUI accidents may result in severe injuries and a lot of damages; so if you feel as if you require medical assistance, call an ambulance immediately or ask somebody to do it on your behalf.

Record A Video Of The Driver’s Liability

Taking a video is integral since the footage can be used as evidence in a court of law. So try as hard as possible to get a clean shot of the drunk driver. Also, try capturing clear footage of him or her staggering while getting out of the car.

Take Photos As Well

Try taking as many photos of the scene as you can, especially if you’re incapable of making a recorded video. What’s more, ensure you have captured the car license plate number, license, and insurance information of the other driver.

Don’t Accept an Insurance Settlement

There are instances you may be compelled to face the insurance service provider by yourself, but under no circumstances should you attempt doing that. If you’re going to talk it out with the insurance company, make sure to have a lawyer accompanying you.

The insurance provider is aware that you are a victim and have legal grounds to pursue reimbursement for injuries suffered as well as extra damages. Due to this, the insurance company will try its best to speed up the issue and try settling the case before you consider getting professional assistance from a DUI attorney.

Contact an Attorney

It’s going to take a while for you to make a full recovery, and once you do, chances are you’re unlikely to forget what transpired.

You may never have thought you might get entangled in an accident. And that’s based on the fact you’ve been a careful road user. However, what you need to know is that accidents can happen as a result of the other driver’s recklessness. So you just have to seek reimbursement for medical treatment and damages.

Our attorneys at Gomel & Associates have been helping DUI accident victims get justice, plus we have been servicing the local folk in Katy, Texas, for several years now.

If DUI accidents continue happening, we will always be available to pursue justice for the afflicted. We are professional legal representatives and can service family members and drunk driving accident victims. What’s more, we are experienced hence can be relied upon in such matters.

A drunk man at a bar reaching for his keys.

How Long Should A Victim Take To File For A DUI Claim?

Under Texas State law, if you get involved in the DUI accident, you have a two-year window to seek compensation. While it may be difficult dealing with all the aspects of the case, it integral you are aware you have a set deadline to meet.

Even though it is going to be a while before you recover, the insurance company of the drunk driver will be working on ways of minimizing or discrediting most of the claims you are making, and they are assisted with legal representation.

Cases Of Drunk Driving Accidents In Katy Have Increased

You can ensure that you get fully reimbursed for all damages suffered by getting in touch with one of our attorneys at Gomel & Associates. Our attorneys are experienced and have served on several drunk driving cases. The money disbursed to the accident victims is used for covering all medical bills incurred and also provide financial support on your road to recovery.

Drunk driving victims are usually subjected to pretty huge medical bills; that’s the reason the majority of them pursue compensation for long term treatment and lost wages. By getting compensated, you can enhance your way of significantly. When the drunk driver is responsible for causing a crash, and you are subsequently injured, you have a legal right to fight for your justice and ensure the responsible party pays for the damages. When you find yourself in such a scenario, it is integral that you have an experienced injury lawyer on your corner to guide you through the legal proceedings.

Call a Katy Drunk Driving Accident Attorney at Gomel & Associates Today

By reaching out to our skilled Houston injury firm, we ensure you get awarded the maximum amount for the claim and nothing less because that is what we will be going for from the start.

Other than ensuring you get reimbursed for damages suffered, our attorneys at Gomel & Associates will do the following tasks;

  • We will conduct an investigation as to how and determine what may have happened.
  • We will also do a background check of the drunk driver to find out if they have a criminal record. Also, if it’s the first time, they are facing a DUI offense.
  • We also talk with witnesses while we gather additional information that is admissible as evidence for your claim.
  • If there’s another entity other than the drunk driver held liable, our attorneys will investigate the issue to ascertain whether the party in question is responsible for giving the driver access to alcohol or permitting the driver to drive while fully knowing they are drunk.

We will prepare as many details as possible about everything surrounding the accident scene together with the condition of your health. Don’t skip any detail in the event you or a close one gets into a DUI accident. Insurance providers never want to pay more for settlements; that’s why DWI accident victims require the assistance of legal representatives. Our attorneys at Gomel & Associates are committed to fighting justice by ensuring you get a fair hearing. So if you have fallen victim to the recklessness of a drunk driver, then you should reach out to our Katy car accident lawyers today.

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