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If you are a victim of a car accident caused by a drunk driver and you sustain serious injuries, you will expect the drunk driver’s insurance company to settle your case in a different way since the driver was intoxicated. Moreover, it is your legal right to get fair compensation since the driver was on the wrong side of the law. If the insurance company fails to settle your claim, you can contact the Pasadena car accident lawyer at Gomel & Associates. Call today to speak with a Pasadena drunk driving accident attorney to discuss your case.

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Is It Important That You Contact A Pasadena Attorney As Soon As Possible?

Accidents that occur as a result of drunk driving should be reported as quickly as possible. Furthermore, legal actions should also be taken immediately before the insurance companies deny these factors:

  • The driver is responsible for all injuries sustained.
  • The driver insured by the insurance company is guilty.
  • The insurance company will try to deny these claims, and you wonder what to do about it!

In the metropolitan region of Texas in Pasadena, drunk driving cases are reported almost every day. Every night there is always an accident involving a drunk driver and an innocent victim who ends up getting injured because of a drunk driver’s carelessness.

Most of the time, DUI drivers find themselves driving on the wrong side of the road once they join the freeway, and they end up causing a head-on collision.

What Action Should You Take If You Get Injured By A Drunk Driver?

Which legal action should you take when injured by a drunk driver? It is normal to seek medical assistance, especially if you are seriously injured so that you can be able to recover and get back to your healthy life.

Everyone hopes for full recovery within a short period, but the truth of the matter is that most accidents that occur are as a result of reckless driving, which causes more pain and suffering. This is a fact that everyone is aware of.

If you or your loved one is a victim of a DUI accident or someone close to you calls you and informs you that they have been involved in an accident, what you need to do is take legal action by following these steps:

A woman taking a breathalyzer test on the side

Contact The Police

The first thing you are required to do is inform the authority of the accident. Therefore, use the nearest cellphone to contact the Pasadena police department so that they rush to the scene. The police will investigate whether the driver was driving under the influence of any drugs. If the police conclude that the driver is guilty, then he or she might end up serving a jail term or be fined a huge penalty.

Call for an Ambulance

Sometimes DUI accidents can cause a lot of damages and serious injuries; if you feel like you are need of medical attention, then it is advisable that you call an ambulance or ask someone to do it for you.

Record A Video Of The Driver Responsible

Recording a video is essential because you can use such footage as evidence. Therefore, try to get clear footage of the drunk driver and capture any scene of him or her staggering while trying to get out of the car.

Take Photos

You should try and take photos as well, especially if you are not able to record a video. Moreover, make sure that you capture the other driver’s car license plate number as well as the insurance info and the license of the other driver.

Do Not Speak With Insurance Companies Before Attorneys

You might be forced to face the insurance company alone, but it is advisable that you do not try to do this. If you are going to deal with the insurance company, do it with the help of an attorney.

The insurance company understands that you, as a victim, have legal rights to seek compensation for injuries sustained and also for extra damages. Because of this reason, the insurance provider will do their best to rush the matter and settle the case before you can seek professional help from an experienced DUI lawyer.

However, it is advisable that seek medical assistance and contact the authority as well as an experienced DUI attorney at Gomel & Associates. It might take some time for you to recover fully, but once you, it is might not be easy to forget what happened.

You never thought you will ever be involved in such an accident. That is because of the fact that you have always been careful. But what you need to understand that the accident can occur as a result of another driver’s recklessness. Therefore, you must seek compensation for damages and medical treatment.

Our lawyers at Gomel & Associates have been assisting victims of DUI accidents in getting justice, and we have been serving local clients in Pasadena, Texas, for years. As long as DUI accidents keep on occurring, we are always going to seek justice for the victims. As legal representatives, we serve family members and those who are victims of drunk driving accidents. Furthermore, we are reliable and experienced in such matters.

A man drinking alcohol while driving.

How Long Should A Victim Take To File For A DUI Claim?

If you are involved in a drunk driving accident, the State of Texas allows you to pursue compensation within two years. Even though it might be challenging to deal with all the matters of the case, it vital to be aware of the fact that you have a deadline to meet.

Even though it might take a longer period for you to recover, the drunk driver’s insurance provider will be working on a strategy on how to minimize most for your claims, and they do this will the help of a legal representative.

Cases Of Drunk Driving Accidents Have Increased In Pasadena

You can make sure that you get fully compensated for all your damages by contacting one of our lawyers at Gomel & Associates. Our experienced lawyers have served other victims of drunk driving accidents. The money rewarded to the victims is used to cover all medical expenses and also for providing support before fully recovering. Victims of drunk driving accidents usually face huge medical bills; that is why most of them seek compensation for lost wages and long term treatment.

By getting compensation, you can improve your way of living. If a drunk driver causes an accident and you get injured, it is your legal right to fight for justice and make sure that the person responsible pays for all damages. When dealing with such a court case, it is vital to have an experienced injury attorney by your side to get through the legal process.

Contact A Pasadena Drunk Driving Accident Attorney At Gomel & Associates Today

By contacting the personal injury firm of Gomel & Associates, we can make sure that you get rewarded the highest amount for your claim.

Besides making sure that you get compensated for all your damages, our lawyers at Gomel & Associates will also do the following;

  • We will investigate and determine what or how the accident might have occurred.
  • We will also try and find out whether the drunk driver has a criminal record and whether this is the first time he or she is facing a DUI offense.
  • We also play the role of talking to witnesses and gathering up extra details that can be used as evidence for your case.

If another party besides the drunk driver is held accountable, our lawyers will look into the matter and find out whether the person is liable for providing alcohol to the driver or for allowing the driver to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Our attorneys will gather as many details as possible about the accident as well as your health condition whether you are safe or not.

Do not leave out any details in case you or your loved one is involved in a DUI accident. Insurance companies are never willing to pay more for compensation; that is why victims of DWI accidents need the help of a legal representative. Our lawyers at Gomel & Associates are determined to fight for justice by making sure that you get a fair trial. If you are a victim of drunk driver’s recklessness, then you should contact a drunk driving accident attorney at Gomel & Associates.

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