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If you are pursuing a compensation claim after been injured in a head-on collision caused by another driver, you should consider seeking the help of experienced legal experts. Do not assume that you can tackle the cases that same way another head-on collision accident was while expecting similar results. The facts of every accident are different and tend to get complicated; as such, file a claim will also pose unique challenges. Nevertheless, it is your right to seek compensation for the injuries and damages you sustained in the collision.

While no amount of money will be enough to cover your pain, suffering, and losses, we will help you get fully compensated for all the damages you incurred due to the accident. At Gomel & Associates, we have experienced Pasadena head-on collision lawyers and the necessary resources that will help ensure your rights as the victim of a head-on collision accident are protected. You most likely will have a lot of questions about how you can get compensated, where to start, and the steps to take. Please note that we offer FREE consultation on the cases that come our way.

Therefore, call our offices in Pasadena today to get expert advice and learn more about how we can help. You can as well go online and use our chat services or fill an online case form. At Gomel & Associates, we will not charge any fee until we have helped you win the case and received your compensation.

Our car accident attorneys in Pasadena have years of experience dealing with insurance companies. They, therefore, are aware of the various trick that insurers employ when trying to avoid paying claims. You will be setting yourself up for a tough time if you decide to take on the insurance companies on your own. That is why we advise people to let experienced legal professionals handle these cases and get a fair settlement for their losses.

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What Are The Causes Of Head-On Collisions?

This type of accident happened when two vehicles traveling in opposite directions smash head-on into each other. Accidents of this kind often occur at high speeds, but they also can happen at any speed. Head-on collisions are among the most devastating road accidents because of the forces associated with the impact.

When the crash takes place, the impact stops the forward motion of both cars involved; however, the occupants in the vehicles continue to travel in the same direction and speed, crashing into the windshields, airbags, dashboards, or the steering wheel and sustaining injuries.

And given the intensity of the impact, one of both vehicles can be sent into a spin or to flip severally, and this can exacerbate the injuries the occupants sustain during the collision. Moreover, it increases the risk of other road users getting involved in the accident as the vehicles are thrown into their paths. While modern cars are fitted with airbags, the impact during the collision can cause them to fail to deploy and protect the people inside the vehicles.

During the crash, metal, glass, pieces of plastics, and other unsecured items can become projectiles at cause significant injuries. Things are turn out to be very bad, and that is why we cannot overemphasize how dangerous and devasting a head-on collision accident can be.

Which Injuries Are Commonly Associated With Head-On Collisions?

Modern vehicles are expected to offer better safety and protection. That is why they are fitted with airbags, seatbelts, and other safety features. They have crumple zones in the hood as well as the airbags are designed to take up much of the energy created during a head-on crash, thus reducing the chances of the occupants in the car sustaining severe injuries.

However, facial and head injuries are the most common when it comes to head-on collision accidents. But even then, this kind of crashes often lead to other types of injuries too, some that are minor and other severe. The injuries associated with head-on impacts include:

A car that has been damaged in a head-on collision.

Neck Injuries

People often think that neck injuries occur when a car is rear-ended, but this type of injury can also happen during a head-on collision. For instance, whiplash is an injury that many insurance companies will claim that the victim will exaggerate or fake. However, whiplashes can result in immense pain and might heal slowly.

Torso Injuries

Injuries to the torso are prevalent during head-on crashes with the affected areas being the lung, ribs, and spleen. Torso injuries can also result in liver and intestine damage. And given that some of the injuries are internal, they might go undetected or undiagnosed. They then progress and morph into severe, life-threatening health problems.

Femur and Lower Leg Injuries

Belting up is advisable for everyone inside a car, but taking this safety measure might not be enough to keep the occupants from getting thrown forward and into the instrument panel or knee bolsters. Such an outcome can also happen even when the airbags deploy correctly. The impact of the forces can cause severe damage to the lower limbs and extremities.

Secondary Injuries

The force generated during a head-on collision can be so intense to the point of causing overarching health problems that mostly include severe secondary injuries. The injuries often evolve from the original injuries sustained during the accident. They can consist of complications such as infections.

We highly recommend that you seek immediate medical attention if you are involved in a head-on collision. Get checked even if you do not feel any pain or signs of injury. Whiplash and internal injuries might not manifest themselves immediately after the accident, but will worsen over time and become more pronounced. Early diagnosis is, therefore, vital to your health and will be a crucial factor to include in your legal case.

What Are Some Of The Top Causes Of Head-On Collisions?

According to statistics from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), different things frequently contributed to head-on crashes on the roads. Top on the list are:

  • Drivers that tend to speed irrespective of poor weather and road conditions
  • Drivers that operate vehicles while exhausted
  • Drivers that let their aggression turn into road rage
  • Getting distracted and driving without paying adequate attention to the road and traffic
  • Driving under while intoxicated
  • Failure for drivers to heed road safety and traffic signs
  • Reckless and negligent driving

Whenever you are seated behind the wheel, the law finds you liable for ensuring your safety and that of other road users. Therefore, you assume a huge responsibility every time you decide to operate a vehicle. Driving may seem or come across as a mundane thing for those that do it daily, but it is incredibly demanding and complex. You are expected to be fully attentive to everything around you when driving. Failure to meet such responsibilities and endangering the lives of other road users can see you facing lawsuits.

What Is The Link Between Inattentive Driving and Head-On Collisions?

Cases of distracted driving have been on the rise over recent times, becoming something of a concern for the federal government. The situations are seen the government devote resources to increase awareness of this issue. When on the roads and highways, drivers are expected to focus on one essential task, driving safely to avoid causing accidents.

Distracted driving is divided into three primary groups:

  1. Cognitive distractions – which entails things that engross the driver’s thoughts
  2. Manual distractions – which encompasses things that demand the drive to use the hands
  3. Visual distractions – it involves things that engage the driver’s vision

Smartphones are gadgets that have been engraved in our daily way of life. We use them to do many things, aside from staying connected. But these handheld devices have managed to be linked in all the three categories of distracted driving, making them a dangerous element to have when on the roads. People should not concentrate on their phones when behind the wheel driving.

Two cars that were involved in a head-on collision in Pasadena, TX.

What Damages Can Victims Seek Through A Head-On Collision Accident Claim?

Every accident has unique factors; thus, every claim should be addressed under a similar understanding. Determining what damages to seek and place a monetary value on them is a complicated process. Given the seriousness of head-on collisions and the type of losses that can arise from the accidents, it is wise to consider the guidance and help of a seasoned legal professional.

An experienced car crash attorney here at Gomel & Associates, Pasadena can effectively and aggressively represent your interests and ensure justice is served as you seek compensation for your losses. Some of the extensive, apparent, and measurable damages associated with your medical treatment for your injuries that our lawyers can help you get compensated for include:

  • On-site emergency care
  • Transportation from the crash scene to the hospital
  • Treatments, appointments, and care with doctors, therapists, and other specialists
  • Ongoing care and treatment
  • Surgery, physical therapy, and aftercare
  • Prescription medication
  • Home healthcare
  • Adaptive medical equipment and home adaptations

Besides the losses you incur during your treatment, the time spent seeking such medical care translates into lost wages as you spend time away from work. And if the injuries are severe, they may result in temporary or permanent disabilities that rob you of your capacity to earn and make a living. The inherent financial losses aside, your career prospects will receive a significant dent, and this can cause you to lose your sense of self-worth. The result of such a thing is the development of mental issues such as stress and depression.

If you are an unfortunate victim of a head-on collision and sustained injuries, you should ensure that your lawyer considers the pain, suffering, and trauma you suffered because of the accident. The outcome of the crash can result in physically, emotionally, and financially devastating outcomes. As a victim, it is your right to seek compensation for your pain and losses. Our accomplished Pasadena car crash attorneys will help you make the right decisions when filing the claim. Call our offices today for a free case review.

Should I Call My Insurance Provider Immediately After the Accident?

The law requires drivers to have insurance before they hit the roads and highways. The insurance coverage is not for themselves but might also include a third party, to cushion them from any financial issues attributed to being involved in an accident. But have the insurance does not mean that all is well. You should not rest easy thinking that the insurance providers will be quick to take note and respond accordingly to your claim request.

While the law says that you are obligated to place the insurer liable for the losses you incur, these companies will try and fight you. They will go out of their way to fight reasons for discrediting your claim. Insurance providers are in the profit-making business, and paying claims means making losses, which is not something they are keen on doing. That is why they will try to minimize the payout if they are unable to discredit your claim.

If you are a victim of a head-on collision caused by another driver, the insurance companies will try to contact you so that they can close the case within the shortest time possible. In most cases, this is a move that will see them try to pay out the least amount of money possible. The insurance providers will not pay much attention or be overly concerned about your woes.

That is why you should avoid interacting with the insurance companies without your lawyer present or overseeing the negotiations. Never provide the insurers with statements concerning the crash. They can use your words and any other information you give them against you so that they can deny or diminish your claim. With the guidance of an experienced and devoted lawyer, you will be directed on the best way to handle the process of dealing with your insurance provider.

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