Why Report a Crash if It Wasn’t Your Fault

Reporting a crash is part of the process of resolving the crash. What you need to establish is fault and how the wreck actually happened. Now, if you weren’t at fault, then you might want to establish the fault from the start and not give the other driver a chance to take any other action. For example, an at-fault driver may jump at the chance to file their report first and then make it seem as though they were the innocent party.

Don’t get caught in the waves of having reports made that make it difficult to clearly establish fault. Take charge and report your crash responsibly and with the evidence that supports your explanation of what happened.

The Purpose of Crash Reporting

In Texas, anyone in a crash that involved any type of injury or over $1,000 in damages is required to submit a report. They need to report it to their insurance company, and the local law enforcement. If there are injuries at the crash site, then you must contact emergency medical response, so at least the people involved can be evaluated by a paramedic.

These laws exist to have legal documentation of the wreck and the people involved. It helps the state identify traffic violations that they didn’t catch before the crash happened. Additionally, they can also help Houston or other Texas officers identify people without insurance, driving illegally, and all the other complications that can become exposed during a wreck.

For your case in your wreck resolution, the crash report can show exactly what was documented at the scene. When an officer completes the crash report, they will often provide a somewhat detailed sketch of the direction of the vehicles, the flow of traffic, and show what most likely happened. That report may also include information about the officer’s thoughts in regard to fault, and other driving obstacles such as the roadway or even weather.

Why Alert the Houston PD of Your Wreck

The police may respond, or they may not. If there aren’t any injuries, then there’s no reason for them to come out. But, informing them lets you know that your crash report that you can file privately later is consistent with the call you submitted. Remember that if it isn’t an emergency, don’t call 911, simply contact the Sherriff’s office directly rather than congesting the emergency service.

Alerting them helps the emergency response services, otherwise known as the first responders, of what is going on and if there’s anything that you need them to do. Often they aren’t necessary at a crash site, but if someone is hurt, then they need to know right away, and whether it was your fault or not, you should report it.

Should You Tell the DMV or Your Insurance?

You should tell your insurance, and through the police report and your insurance report, the DMV will receive notice of the wreck. Now, if the police arrived and found your crash included traffic violations, those would be reported to the DMV and go onto your driver’s license. Even when the wreck wasn’t your fault, you should report the crash so that all the parties involved, the Houston Police force, the DMV, and the involved insurance companies.

In Some Cases with You Need a Houston Auto Accident Attorney?

Yes, if someone failed to report a crash, then you may need attorney involvement. This is one of the top reasons to report a crash that wasn’t’ your fault. As the victim, you need someone that’s on your side, and if you failed to report the crash because it wasn’t your fault, then you might need help explaining why you didn’t report the wreck.

Who Can You Call for a Houston Auto Accident Lawyer?

Any wreck should be looked over at least once by an attorney. You may have a very simple open and shut case, but if the wreck wasn’t your fault, then you might need compensation, and you might have to put up a bit of a fight. The result, in the end, is that many people need an attorney to help them financially bounce back from the damages of the crash.

As the victim of a wreck, you should contact (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T at our office in Houston. Our energetic, charismatic, and experienced attorneys fight for full compensation for the victims of Houston and the surrounding areas. Without an attorney, you might be pushed into accepting a settlement that doesn’t cover all of your damages, or into signing something that prohibits future collection relating to this wreck. After a crash, call (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T.

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