How Much Money Can You Get in a Hit-and-Run Truck Crash

Is it possible to locate a hit-and-run drier? With a truck driver, you’re more likely to find the driver and file for compensation if not against the driver directly but at least the company. You can work with Houston police and local attorneys to find the driver and pursue compensation. As a victim of a truck collision, you may have tens of thousands in medical debt, and a totaled car. But hit-and-run drivers usually speed off knowing how bad the wreck was when they left.

As you build your case or claim, then you should look far beyond the physical elements of your pain. You may have significant trauma because of the hit-and-run element that you expected someone to stop and help, and that didn’t happen. But you can also go through the stress of not knowing what to do to start your resolution. A Houston truck accident lawyer can help you get started.

Trucking Crash Settlements

The common element in truck crash compensation is that they’re generally larger than other vehicle crashes because there is more damage. When people hear the extent of these claim payouts, they feel astonished to have this huge windfall, but this is only to cover the damages from the wreck on assets you already had in places such as your car or your health. That often means that you’re using that large check to pay your equally large medical bills.

In a hit-and-run, you may be able to add other personal injury factors or elements of loss and injury. You may have sustained a fair amount of anxiety or trauma from the element of the hit-and-run. You had faith that people will always stop and do the right thing, but now that’s not something that you think about behind the wheel.

How Can You Get Your Claim in a Hit-and-Run

Texas is among the top states on a huge trend in a hit-and-runs accident. Hit-and-runs or hit and skips are often a problem when the other driver knows they’re at fault or that they don’t have insurance. They freak out and flee the scene, and what happens is that the other driver is left in the lurch because they can’t do anything at that point.

For those involved in hit and skips, you can still file a claim, but your insurance might not payout unless you have UIM or UM on your policy. That extent of coverage is usually left to the driver or the owner of the vehicle to decide if they want the coverage or not. All it takes is one hit for someone to spend years wishing they had just paid for UIIM coverage.

Will CrimeStoppers or Local Police Help You?

Crimestoppers work on a national level and they help police departments gather information about all variety of crimes, including hit and skips. What Crimestoppers does is provide an anonymous platform for people to report accidents and involvement of a crime. So, if the local Houston police alerted people that a FedEx truck ran you off the road and caused a wreck and did not stop, then people in the area would know if they could identify the truck or some identifying marker to help the case.

Sometimes these reports can help clear up misinformation as well. Misinformation from the victim often happens because they’re unclear on the details. You might say that the driver had a huge sticker on the back of their truck, while another witness who saw the wreck might acknowledge that it wasn’t a sticker it was graffiti.

Connect with a Trucking Accident Attorney

While everyone is looking for the most compensation possible from their claim, what you really need is one solid number as a goal. If you sit there saying that you could get more or get more than what your company is offering, then you’ll likely be disappointed in the end. What happens then is that people feel that their $8,000 dollar claim is a $38,000 claim and then take the case all the way to court and not even get the $8,000 offered in the settlement process.

Reach out to a local Houston truck accident attorney at (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T. Our team offers support and professional insight into valuing your claim, locating the driver, and fighting for financial recovery. What happens in most of our situations is that we’ll go through and try our best to get you the most compensation possible.

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