Dog Bites and Other Common Personal Injury Claims

dangerous dog threatening injury

From a bite from a neighborhood dog to slipping at work or tripping over a neighbor’s tree root, you’re looking at a personal injury claim. Personal injury covers a huge section of the law, and what happens is that anytime someone is hurt because of someone else, people feel that they’re entitled to some compensation.

The compensation that people look for in terms of recovering their medical debt and even time lost at work is vital for people trying to recover fully. Injured people often face huge medical bills, and the thing they’re thinking the entire time is that they shouldn’t have to pay for any of this because they didn’t do anything leading to the injury. It’s true that someone else is likely responsible, but can you get them to pay?

Dog Bites

The bigger factor in Houston is not necessarily dog bites, but dangerous or aggressive dogs. Houston, as a city, is understanding that people encroaching on someone’s property will spurn a dog to attack. However, when there is a dangerous dog, the fear is that a close friend or your child’s friend will go into someone’s property and then get bitten for no reason.

The issues that come with dangerous dogs are covered by the city based on the presence of past reports and behavior. Houston defines aggressive and dangerous dogs separately. An aggressive dog is a dog who is at least one prior account has attacked another animal legally or otherwise. For example, a dog that kills a possum feeling the threat would still be considered an aggressive dog, although the attack was rather justified.

A dangerous dog is any dog that has previously attacked a human and would likely attack in the future. Now, this is to say that someone who provoked the dog may not result in a future attack.

Slip or Trip and Falls

Slips and trips are part of life, and sometimes you walk away with sore palms, and other times you don’t walk away. The result of a broken bone, head damage, or even brain trauma from a slip and fall or trip and fall can drastically change a person’s life. These cases often happen and usually involve either a business or the city of Houston.

Slips and trips that happen in public places usually involve poor maintenance of their properties. Cracked sidewalks, chipped parking curbs, or even steps that aren’t marked all result appropriately in trips and slips that leave people in a substantial amount of pain.

Runners Tripping on Private Property

What happens when a runner is going through private property and trips? Exposed root systems take down many runners who aren’t looking at the ground in front of them. The result is that you need support in starting that lawsuit. You need to show that you had a reason or were otherwise welcome on the property. For parks, that’s fairly easy, but if you were taking a shortcut through an ungated property, then you might run into some trouble.

Wrecks and Fatal Crashes

Perhaps the top reason for personal injury claims in auto accidents. Now an auto wreck can include any variety of vehicles such as motorcycles or big rigs, but it can also include pedestrians, scooter riders, and bicyclists. These crashes lead to personal injury, but they can also include deaths.

Fatal crashes do still fall under the personal injury umbrella but are instead handled as wrongful death cases. To that extent, the family handles the case for the deceased victim, and then they put in a demand for compensation for their medical needs and the losses felt by the family. It’s a tough thing to handle while you’re still grieving, but it’s something that many surviving spouses and children choose to do.

Should Houston Residents Use a Personal Injury Attorney?

Houston residents should rely on the help of a personal injury attorney because they can get guidance on local and state laws that apply to your claim. For example, a dog bite from a free-roaming dog might not leave the opportunity of a case. It’s vital that victims understand the laws that will impact their claim. All too often, people feel they have a case, get ready for a nice big compensation check, and they are told that they don’t have a case at all.

(713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T of Houston helps people handle their personal injury claims, and often the biggest struggle is with dog bites. If you experienced a dog bite or any other common type of personal injury claim, you should reach out to our office and schedule a quick consultation!

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