One Seriously Injured in Crash on the North Freeway

One man was seriously injured in a crash that took place on the North Freeway earlier this month. According to the authorities, this was a single-vehicle crash that involved no other vehicles or individuals.

The incident took place off the North Freeway. The driver, who was not identified by the authorities immediately, was driving southbound on the road when he appears to have lost control of the vehicle. He was driving a black Nissan Altima at the time. As the driver lost control, the vehicle left the roadway. It then crashed into the property of a business, colliding head-on into a wrought iron fence. The impact of the collision also caused the car to collide with a guard rail.

While the wrought iron fence crushed a section of the car, causing serious injuries to the driver, the guard rail also pierced right through the engine of the car. It pinned the leg of the driver inside the wreck of the car so that the victim could not immediately escape following the crash.

Local firefighters responded to the incident and reached the site of the crash briefly to conduct rescue work. Nearly an hour was spent in cutting down the body of the car and then the metal railing that had pierced it. Once the driver was freed from the wreckage, he was rushed to a local hospital. Although the driver was still alive when rescued, his condition was serious and he had sustained critical injuries.

Traffic on the Interstate 45 slowed down as the rescue work on the vehicle was being performed. Authorities are still not clear on exactly what caused the crash. It is believed that a medical problem, such as a heart attack just before the accident, may have caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle and collide into the iron fence.

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