High Speed Chase Ends in Four-Vehicle Accident

A high-speed chase took the pursuing troopers on a 26-mile stretch as a driver attempted to flee. The incident took place on Sunday, March 22.

According to the details shared by Texas State Troopers, the whole thing began when a trooper stopped a car on Interstate 45 and FM 1488. The car was a black Nissan and the trooper had asked the driver to stop for a traffic violation. As the driver stopped, the trooper approached the vehicle and asked the driver to provide driver’s license. The driver handed over the license but just as the trooper walked to his patrol car to run the license, the driver fled.

This led to a 26-mile chase that involved speeds as high as 140 mph. The suspect first drove the vehicle down the Interstate 45, then took the Hardy Toll Road before turning on to Rankin Road. He then turned the vehicle on to the Aldine Westfield.

When the suspect reached Aldine Westfield, troopers stopped pursuing the vehicle due to safety concerns. However, the suspect ran into a crash soon afterward and the troopers were notified about it.

The collision took place in Aldine when the fleeing driver collided into three other vehicles at an intersection. The other vehicles sustained some damage but the suspect’s own vehicle was largely disabled. The suspect then attempted to escape on foot. However, one of the drivers whose vehicle had been damaged in the collision apprehended the suspect with the help of others. This allowed the troopers to take the suspect in arrest once they arrived at the scene of the collision.

According to the troopers, no one sustained any notable injuries in the collision that ended the high-speed chase. The incident took place at around 2 p.m. and the chase stretched over a total of 26 miles. The driver involved in the chase is expected to face multiple charges.

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Source: https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2020/03/22/driver-takes-state-troopers-on-a-26-mile-high-speed-chase-from-conroe-to-aldine/

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