Why You Might Get Sued After a Wreck

stressed man dealing with a lawsuit from his car wreck in houston

It happens all too often; people get into a wreck, and one driver rushes to sue the other even when they were at fault. It’s highly likely that the driver suing you is just trying to delay compensation, argue that they’re not at fault, or thoroughly believe that you were at fault. While this happens fairly often, you need to take a calm and collected approach to handle your wreck.

After any wreck, most of the time, either driver could claim that the other was at fault, and they might even have a compelling story to match. But what it all comes down to in the end is who was in the right and who was in the wrong. If someone wasn’t paying attention, talking on their phone, and rear-ended another person, then they’re in the wrong. It is rare that there’s not clearly someone more at fault.

The Other Driver Believes You Were At-Fault

Fault is such an issue, and when you’re in the middle of a wreck that might eventually lead to a partial fault assignment, then there is surely trouble afoot. The result of drivers assuming the other is at risk is that the driver may severely delay the process of resolving the crash, starting with their report. Even if they really feel that you were at fault, them fighting their role in the wreck can take the crash resolution and negations to a screeching halt.

For example, if one driver was drunk and went through an intersection, and the other driver ran through the intersection as well, both drivers are at fault. But the second driver may quickly move to sue the other driver in an attempt to showcase that they were less at fault because they weren’t drunk. It’s these cases that baffle insurance companies because often the person suing is at fault to some extent.

Getting Involved to Delay the Compensation

Often the other person may report the crash and file a lawsuit in an effort to get the heat off of them. This tactic can delay the process but overall isn’t effective. To sit there and say, well, that person slammed on their brakes, still reveals that they were clearly following too closely. It’s an instance where many people just don’t realize that they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

If someone is suing you to delay you getting your compensation, then you might be in a bad spot with the other driver. Make sure that you tell your Houston car accident attorney about any concern you may have for your safety. Car accident attorneys often recognize these issues when they stem from road rage and other aggressive drivers. It’s the opportunity to derail someone’s life just for the sake of it.

You May Have Participated in Activity that Could Support a Lawsuit

Circling back to when some people honestly believe that you were at fault to some degree, it may be because you were in some way behaving in a way that contributes to many fault instances. For example, if they looked up from the wreck and noticed that you were texting, they may claim that you were texting at the time of the crash. Then they may even argue that it was you texting that led to you not being able to respond in time to their bad driving behavior.

The result is that you may have to jump through multiple hoops to prove that you weren’t texting at the time, but did text right after the crash. Texting, calling, drinking, and even eating or applying makeup behind the wheel can lead to these types of lawsuits. It’s difficult for people to realize that there’s nothing more that you can do than defend yourself and move forward with your own case afterward.

Should You Get Your Own Houston Car Accident Attorney?

We know that you’re the real victim, but getting a lawsuit from the other driver is a common shock. Instead of trying to defend yourself in a “he said, she said” type battle approach the situation from a different angle. Put your side of the wreck into the spotlight with a strong attorney that can help you showcase your version of events. Yes, the other driver may have thought they had ground to attack you, but that probably won’t’ last for long.

Reaching a local car accident attorney with (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T is easy, start by calling our Houston office and then schedule a consultation to see if we’re a good match. Our passionate and enthusiastic attorneys are happy to take cases for car accident victims.

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