Single-Vehicle Crash Kills Houston Metro Police Department Sergeant

A sergeant with the Houston Metro Police Department lost his life in a single-vehicle crash that took place last Sunday. According to the details shared by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the incident occurred in the early hours of the morning in Montgomery County.

The Sergeant who lost his life in the incident has been identified as Erik Martinez Tellez. Tellez was not driving his own vehicle at the time of the crash. Instead, he was driving a 1954 Chevrolet that belonged to his friend. Tellez had borrowed the vehicle and had taken it out for a spin.

At the time of the crash, Tellez was traveling in the Chevrolet westbound on the Riverwalk Drive. Driving the vehicle at a high speed, he seems to have lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle left the roadway and then collided with a tree, sustaining heavy damage while inflicting critical injuries on Tellez. The collision occurred at around 1 a.m. in the morning.

The Department of Public Safety was among other agencies and departments that responded to the incident and took part in the rescue, cleanup, and investigations. Once rescue personnel arrived on the scene of the crash, Tellez was pronounced dead. He was trapped inside the heavily damaged and mangled vehicle, and the rescue personnel spent considerable time in removing him from the car.

The front of the vehicle, in particular, sustained heavy damage as shown in a video released by the Montgomery County Police Reporter. In this video, both the driver and front passenger seat are shown to have been completely destroyed in the impact of the collision.

DPS continues to investigate the incident. Preliminary investigations show that speed was one of the key factors that contributed to the incident.

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