How to Catch a Hit and Run Driver in a Motorcycle Wreck

motorcyclist involved in a hit-and-run accident at an intersection

You’re riding along, it’s a great spring day in Houston, and then the worst happens. Someone sideswipes you, sends you reeling, or even runs you off the road. You have injuries, property damage, can’t use your helmet again, or maybe ever ride again. But the guy did a hit and skipped, so you’re left in the lurch not able to file a claim against the clearly at-fault driver’s policy.

The good news is that there are many resources available for riders and drivers. Not only will Houston Police build a case or an investigation for your wreck, but also they should help you reach out to the community and connect with other resources, like a motorcycle accident attorney in your area. It’s a vital step in handling your wreck and your case as you pursue not only the driver but charges and a claim against them too.

Reach Out to Your Community

Motorcyclists are all too often the victims of hit and run either because the other driver assumes that the rider was severely hurt or because they didn’t care enough to stop. In rare cases, particularly with trucks, the driver may not be aware, and to that extent, they may turn themselves in when they hear the news of the wreck.

Reaching out to the community often involves alerting the police, taking to Facebook, and getting in touch with Crimestoppers to ensure that if there is anyone who has information that they can get it to the right people. The police and your attorney may work with the local businesses near your crash to help gain video surveillance. Even the basic explanation or description of the other driver’s fault can help you catch the driver.

Use Local Resources to Find the Driver

Your local resources can include businesses’ video surveillance from security cameras, as mentioned above, but it can also include traffic cameras, red-light cameras, and other officers who may have seen the car afterward. Along with the officers, you’ll likely have a crash expert on the case that can help people know what to look out for in their neighborhoods.

For example, the announcement to the public might read something like: “Searching for red Kia Soul with damage to the front near the passenger side, possible broken windshield, missing side-view mirror.” That type of description can not only help normal civilians make a claim, but it can also help mechanics identify when the car was part of a wreck and when they should report it to the police.

What Can You Do in a Hit and Run Motorcycle Wreck?

The best thing that you can do is to put the wheels into motion and then focus on your recovery. The extent of recovery that you’ll need to manage could take a long time and be very costly. But if you get an attorney, and the police involved then you can start to bring in resources that can take over for you.

For example, working with police and bringing in Crimestoppers can help identify the hit and run drivers.

Houston Trucking Circuits Can Make it Easier to Find Your Driver.

Finding your driver is the first step in getting your compensation. No one can say for certain how much your crash is worth. But when you find your driver, you can start evaluating the extent of carelessness or negligence. For example, the driver may have been intoxicated, sleeping, texting, or anything else that would prove to be more extreme then accidentally not checking their mirrors before changing lanes.

Your trucking accident can be much easier to resolve because it’s a truck, and you’re not looking for one driver of a standard sedan in a generic color. Finding the driver or connecting with the responsible company means that you can start to build your case and submit your claim through their insurance.

Use a Local Houston Motorcycle Wreck Lawyer to Get Started

Any motorcycle accident is traumatic, but what happens when people speed off or hit and skip is that the rider often doesn’t have many options for resolution. You may only be able to turn to your own UIM policy, and that can mean that you need to argue even harder. Your insurance policy may make it seem absolutely impossible to get any compensation.

If you’re going through your recovery worrying about how you will get recovered financially, then you should reach out to (713) L‑A‑W‑S‑U‑I‑T in Houston. Our attorneys help people, especially riders, seek out compensation to cover their medical debt and the property damage that came from the crash. Your motorcycle crash deserves some resolution, get started now.

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